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Abilities and Skills

There are "abilities" and "skills" in the game. 1. "Abilities" - "Abilities" are specific to each type of character, with "ability" points being rewarded with each level up. It allows players to improve certain specifications of their characters such as accuracy, damage or even the duration of "rage mode." Players must be careful when they use ''ability" points because those are the main factor that determines what type of characters they are going to raise. For example, a healer character has ''abilities'' for improving the amount of HP heal, increasing damage and the duration of buff skills. Upgrading the first ''ability'' will help their ''ability'' of healing, the second will help them become an attack-oriented healer, and the third will help them become a better buff-skill provider. 2. "Skills" - "Skills" are specific moves that are performed by pressing a certain hot keys after a setting. Players can train skills when they reach their requirements of "Ki" points, level and class. "Ki" points are rewarded with the kills of each monster by player themselves or a member of their parties. There are two different types of "skills:" "Combat Skills" and "Support Skills." "Combat Skills" deals with the damage to monsters using moves that become flashier and cooler at higher levels. "Support Skills" are any skill that does not involve directly with the attack damage to monsters such as Wind-Drifting, healing and buffing.

Characters Description: "5 Classes"

1. Bladesman - It is the warrior that has relatively weaker health and defense ability in comparison with "Swordsman." It also has weaker attack power; however the attack precision and faster attack rate are the main strength. It has a short attack range. 2. Swordsman - It is the warrior that has strong health and defense which provide the ability to withstand a lot of damages. It has strong attack power, however low in precision. 3. Archer - It is an agile warrior that uses arrows to attack from far distances. It has relatively low health and defense ability; however, it has very high dodging ability. 4. Healer - It is the magic character in this game that has relatively low health and defense ability. However, it has the ability to heal other players and executes distanced attacks very well. 5. Spearman - It is a character that uses spears as the main weapon. It has relatively weaker health and defense; however its attacking power is the strongest of all characters. The attack range is short.

Swordman Blademan

Spearman Healer


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