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Artechsoft, a Korean online game development company, introduces the new character based soccer game, X-KICK ONLINE. Artechsoft is experienced to develop the online soccer game. Its finest 3D graphic and variety of skills which can be activated depend upon the situation and the position of the character is enough to enjoy more realistic street soccer game for games.

X-KICK ONLINE is basically the game that enjoy 6 vs 6, 5 vs 5. However, X-KICK ONLINE has highly intelligent AI(Artificial Intelligence) players who play the match with players instead of real players. Even the single player can play X-KICK ONLINE with AI players against other players. In addition, over 100 skills can be activated depend upon the play position and situation which players face in match.

X-KICK ONLINE also supports a party and club system unlike any other soccer games. With those party and club system players can enjoy additional contents as having club items, a ladder match and a club match.


Game Features:

Street Football

X-Kick has real type football with futsal. you can fell the maximum excitments of real football even with samll number of persons.

Team Play

It is very hard for you to penetrate defense line of the oppent tean only with your personal skill. You must need help of you team member to gain a victory.

AI System

Possible to enjoy the game with AI player, even you are alone in the server. AI player also has its ability and skills in each position.

Character Position and Growth

Character's Positions basically consisted of FW(Forward), MF(Midfield). And as the game goes on, players can grow to mighty star player in a special position. Each position requires special skills and training to hold the position correctly in the game with competition.


You can experience the real football player's motions such as mexican jump, step over, scissors kick which you have seen in real football by easy control.

Angry mode

If your team is behind more than 2 goals from the opponent team, angry mode will be activated about 20 sec automatically and go back into normal again.

Goal Celebration

You can meet the real goal celebration which you have seen in real football game such as shoeshine, baby in the cradle, bowshooting and etc.

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