XAOC Taiwan Version Registration Guide

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Click here to register an account first:

1. If you use Google Chrome, it will translate everything to English. Amazing isn't it?
2. Mobile Number, Taiwan's mobile number consists of 10 numbers, and it starts with 09. For example: 0960XXXXXX (you can replace X with any numbers).
3. Next page it will transfer you to member site, Click the Activate button and you're done.

XAOC Registration

XAOC Registration

Download Client:

1. http://www.xaoc.tw/gamedownload/index.html
2. I used the official torrent. It is compressed using Winrar or Winzip.
XAOC Download
3. Download the 2nd file, it's the latest patch of the game.
XAOC Download
4. Unpack Game, Install game.
5. Unpack Patch, Extract, Copy and Paste files over the Installed Game Folder.
6. Replace all files it asks.
7. Now you should be able to login.
8. Make your character and change your game mode to TPS.
XAOC TPS Setting

The guide is made by steparu. But if you have any problems about the registration, dl, or Chinese, feel free to tell us in comment, we will try to figure it out for you as well.

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XAOC Screenshot

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