X.A.O.C Closed Beta Walkthrough

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X.A.O.C is developed by a Taiwan game company, Winking Entertainment. Recently the game entered closed beta in Taiwan. Here is a player's walkthrough about XAOC. If you're interested in this game, keep reading this article you'll know more about this game.

Character Creation

There are 2 forces, 4 races and 16 characters in this game, but only 3 characters from United Force, Race Tondau are available to play in this test.

After choosing a character, you'll start choosing class, but there are some restrictions. Every character can only choose some certain classes(not all classes), just like Tera. So it's a half-lock class selection system.Detailed class info can be found here.

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Game Control

The operation keys are able to setup by players, but the fluency and harmony of game operation should be impoved.

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Graphics and UI

1. It's obviously that this is HP bar.
2. Special Points bar, which can be consumed to cast special skills etc.
3. AP bar, it's like stamina, it needs to consume AP while running, it can be recovered automatically.
4. This is character avatar, the yellow bar stands for character's accumulator, the green emblem below means character's class. There will be a PvP status which hasn't been released so far.
5. MP bar, the blue, red and yellow circles which next to SP bar are Soul System.
6. Chat Window.
7. Shortcut bar. Click Auto button, you will enter auto-combat status.
8.Tool bar, you can find all kinds of systems, backpack etc. there, most of them haven't been released this time.
9. Item Mall.
10. The icon will tell you current character status, in the screenshot, the character is enjoying hot spring, so it shows a hot spring icon.
11. Quest Notifier, there is auto-routing function.
12. In-game time, there is daytime and night in the game, you can only see something at daytime, and only at night you will see ghosts. If you encounter a night which doesn't have moon, this is the worst day for you to do dungeons.
13. Buff Status.
14. When you gear has broken, there is an icon showing to inform you that you should repair them. It will show gear endurance.

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Normal items and quest items are put in different bags, so you'll be able to put more things in your backpack. Some slots are sealed at first, with the leveling up of characters and completing some quests, they will be unsealed.

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Mail System

Every city has own characteristic mailbox, you can use it once per 30 seconds. You can't send mail to hostile force.

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Trade and Repair system

Of course you need to find merchants when you want to trade, when your gears are broken, you can find them to repair too.

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Learning Skills

It's different from most of MMORPGs, there isn't skill tree, and learning skills will not consume SP. When you meet the requirement, you can use game gold to learn skills.

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Combat Status

Click button V, you will enter combat status, you can't equip gears etc. at this time. You can attack enemies by using mouse or keyboard. A character can carry several weapons, such as Magic Swordsman, he can take 3 weapons, press button Q to switch weapons.

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Death and Resurrection System

There are three ways to revive when you die, Resurrection, Out-of-body and Transmigration. It's an interesting system.

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If you choose the second one: Out-of-body, you will become an afire lantern, then revive at the nearest Respawn Point, but you're only a lantern, what you need to do now is looking for your body! If you spend too much time on the way, you might be killed again by others, and you can't strike back in this case.

If you choose Transmigration, the NPC will talk to you and tell you that he help you come back to life.

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Transportation System

There are many vehicles in the game, such as ships, so you can enjoy the scenery when you're transported by ship or sailing.

Pet System

You can get pets by doing quests, killing monsters, obtaining unknown demon stone etc. It's said that the pets could help you deal with all kinds of affairs? But it hasn't been released yet.

Tea Making System

This is one of game features, it's not an easy work, it requires technique and exp, your technique and materials will have influence on tea quality, you can get buff after drinking the tea.

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There are other interesting systems such as Sky-lantern System, Hot Spring System, which you can find the details here.

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