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Since World of Warcraft: Cataclysm was released, few threads on Level 85 Feral Cat Druid’s DPS have been posted up. Here, I have collected some information together with my own opinion to write down this guide to the Feral Cat Druid in Cataclysm. If anything is not correct, please reply to this thread, I will check and revise it.

The Talent built:

Feral Swiftness 2/2

Requires Cat Form
Increases your movement speed by 30% in Cat Form and increases your chance to dodge while in Cat Form or Bear Form by 4%.

Furor 3/3

Grants you a 100% chance to gain 10 Rage when you shapeshift into Bear Form, allows you to keep up to 100 of your Energy when you shapeshift into Cat Form, and increases your maximum mana by 15%.

Predatory Strikes 1/2

Increases the critical strike chance of your Ravage by 25% on targets at or above 80% health.
Your finishing moves have a 10% chance per combo point to make your next non-instant Nature spell with a base casting time of less than 10 sec. become an instant cast spell and cost no mana.

Infected Wounds 0/2

Your Shred, Maul, Ravage and Mangle attacks cause an Infected Wound in the target. The Infected Wound reduces the movement speed of the target by 25% and the attack speed by 10%. Lasts 12 sec.

Fury Swipes 3/3

When you auto-attack while in Cat form or Bear form, you have a 15% chance to cause a Fury Swipe dealing 310% weapon damage. This effect cannot occur more than once every 3 sec.

Primal Fury 2/2

Requires Cat Form, Bear Form
Gives you a 100% chance to gain an additional 5 Rage anytime you get a critical strike while in Bear Form and your critical strikes from Cat Form abilities that add combo points  have a 100% chance to add an additional combo point.

Feral Aggression 2/2

Increases the damage caused by your Ferocious Bite by 10% and causes Faerie Fire (Feral) to apply 3 stacks of the Faerie Fire effect when cast.

King of the Jungle 3/3

While using your Enrage ability in Bear Form, your damage is increased by 15%, and your Tiger's Fury ability also instantly restores 60 energy.

Feral Charge 1/1

100 yd range
Teaches Feral Charge (Bear) and Feral Charge (Cat).
Feral Charge (Bear) - Causes you to charge an enemy, immobilizing them for 4 sec. 15 second cooldown.
Feral Charge (Cat) - Causes you to leap behind an enemy, dazing them for 3 sec. 30 second cooldown.

Stampede 2/2

Increases your melee haste by 30% after you use Feral Charge (Bear) for 8 sec, and your next Ravage will temporarily not require stealth for 10 sec after you use Feral Charge (Cat), and cost 100% less energy.

Thick Hide 0/3

Increases your Armor contribution from cloth and leather items by 4%, increases armor while in Bear Form by an additional 11%, and reduces the chance you'll be critically hit by melee attacks by 2%.

Leader of the Pack 1/1

While in Cat Form or Bear Form, the Leader of the Pack increases critical strike chance of all party and raid members within 100 yards by 5%.  In addition, your melee critical strikes in Cat Form and Bear Form cause you to heal for 4% of your total health and gain 4% of your maximum mana.  This effect cannot occur more than once every 6 sec.

Brutal Impact 2/2

Increases the stun duration of your Bash and Pounce abilities by 1 sec, decreases the cooldown of Bash by 10 sec, decreases the cooldown of Skull Bash by 50 sec, and causes victims of your Skull Bash ability to have 10% increased mana cost for their spells for 10 sec.

Nurturing Instinct 2/2

Increases your healing spells by up to 100% of your Agility, and increases healing done to you by 20% while in Cat form.

Primal Madness 2/2

Tiger's Fury and Berserk also increase your current and maximum energy by 20 during their durations, and your Enrage and Berserk abilities instantly generate 12 Rage.

Survival Instincts 1/1

Reduces all damage taken by 50% for 12 sec. Only useable while in Bear Form or Cat Form.

Endless Carnage 2/2

Increases the duration of your Rake by 6 sec and your Savage Roar and Pulverize by 8 sec.

Blood in the Water 2/2

When you Ferocious Bite a target at or below 25% health, you have a 100% chance to instantly refresh the duration of your Rip on the target.

Rend and Tear 3/3

Increases damage done by your Maul and Shred attacks on bleeding targets by 20%, and increases the critical strike chance of your Ferocious Bite ability on bleeding targets by 25%.

Pulverize 0/1

Deals 120% weapon damage plus additional (450 * 120 / 100) damage for each of your Lacerate applications on the target, and increases your melee critical strike chance by 3% for each Lacerate application consumed for 10 sec.

Berserk 3/3

Your Lacerate periodic damage has a 30% chance to refresh the cooldown of your Mangle (Bear) ability and make it cost no rage.  In addition, when activated this ability causes your Mangle (Bear) ability to hit up to 3 targets and have no cooldown, and reduces the energy cost of all your Cat Form abilities by 50%.  Lasts 15 sec.  You cannot use Tiger's Fury while Berserk is active.

Clears the effect of Fear and makes you immune to Fear for the duration.


On completion of distributing talent points, let’s dive into actual combats. What should a Feral Cat Druid pay attention to in raid?
As a Cat , your teammates may be prejudiced against you, ignore it and prove yourself by your strength.

It is very important to establish close relationships with your raid leader.

The Leader of the Pack generates irreplaceable melee critical strikes, which will improve your strength greatly.

Feed yourself and add buffs before the combat.

You can enter the war stealthily, crouch down and choose right skills at the very beginning.

Stealth doesn’t mean that you have to bury your head under the ground. Don’t provoke the boss before the tank fires at it.

Don’t be devoted to throwing all skills at first, because in the first 10 sec, the boss’ hatred is not stable, it may aim at you if you beat it fiercely instead of focusing on the tank.

Keep a vast field of vision in combat and see what you can do, anyway, DPS is not the only choice for you.

Sometimes, the group leader may arrange you to deal with some additional monsters. Don’t be in a rush when switching to another target.

Iif you have a priest to help heal, you are more likely to survive.

Learn from others’ experiences from various forums and sites, after all, one cannot engage in all kinds of practical combats.

Certainly, if you believe everything you read, better not read. You should make appropriate adaptations in the light of your group conditions.

All right, you have become the one with the most DPS now, and also been approved by all teammates.

Don’t laugh at the teammates, who have prejudices towards you. Without them, you couldn’t have made such great achievement.

Boldly ask for the equipment you really need. Don’t allow rogues to ride roughshod over you. Likewise, you are an excellent DPS class.

Don't let up after winning several successes, the road ahead of the Feral Cat Druid is still long.

Don't get your own way and look down upon teammates.

What’s more, don’t discriminate against new Feral Cat Druids.

The higher you stand, the farther you see. Come on, run atilt at the NO.1 in WMO rankings.

In a word, you must have love.

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