Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and it's a day for lovers everywhere. How are YOU gonna spend YOUR Valentine's Day? We here at MMOsite love our games, so what better way to celebrate than to stay home and enjoy a virtual adventure? Of course, you may want to spend your Valentine's Day with that special someone -- and who can blame you? -- but this Valentine's Day why not take them on a real date AND a virtual one? Nowadays more and more online games are featuring dating systems, relationship building, and even in-game marriages (including same-sex unions!), and at no point do these features get the star treatment more so than on Valentine's Day. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Well if you love games as much as we do and you want to make your special someone feel even more special this year, let us help you decide on the perfect online date this February. In PART I of our Valentine's Day special, we will show you all the MMORPGs that feature a marriage or dating system, and what you can expect from each one. In PART II, come dream with us as we imagine what dating systems might look like in other MMO genres. We'll explore the possibilities of love in the FPS realm, Battle Arena titles, and other MMO areas just dying for a little love. Well, what are you waiting for, lovebirds? Let's go!

Part 1 - MMORPG

Age of Wushu

Age of WushuAs we all know, China is a country with long history and rich traditional culture, marriage is a holy event in one's life. In Age of Wushu, the wedding system is only available in Taiwan server for now, and is still under further polish. Small details such as proposing, engagement process, choosing the right date, wedding banquet etc. are all included, which makes the whole experience more authentic... >>Read More


DragonSagaIt is the upgraded version of the couple system and provides more opportunity for the couple to enjoy playing together. Moreover, the system will also provide various benefits to the married couple as well. In order to get married, two players have to be a couple first before proceeding to do the couple quest through the Couple Manager NPC Jodie... >>Read More

Other Marriage Systems

Part 2 - What if...

What if MMOFPS has a love/marriage system? Should every game which has marriage or dating system allow homoerotism? Do you think there is true love in DotA? What function do you care about most if battle arena type games such as LoL, DotA add marriage system? Let's have a look at gamers' ideas about these questions, and welcome to share your opinions with us in comment as well! >>Leave a comment Now

Experiencing Real Relationship in Sims

SimsWhen think of real relationship and community in games, I think The Sims series is the most representative one. So we can't miss this game when talk about marriage system in Valentine's Day although it's a video game. Sims is a fun simulation of controlling "reality" as well as “unreality” of life. A Sim gets cranky if he or she doesn't have enough fun, food, and rest. But when it comes to marriage, the game is very different... >>Read More