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Primeval Lich

The Primeval Lich is an ancient and powerful undead male spell caster. He has glowing red eyes that can transfix opponents, paralyzing them with fear. His body is completely skeletal, tall and lanky. His garb is what he wore during his human life, but severely tattered and worn. He also wears a gaudy crown, symbolizing his reign as a master of the undead.

Slasher of Veils

This creature from another dimension is both death and beyond death. Unconquerable on this domain, his evil can only be subdued for a short time before he returns.

This daemon is from another dimension. It has immense powers and can only be banished once weakened, never killed. Players can choose to summon it at the bottom of the Abyss. If they're defeated, it will rampage in the lower levels until it's pushed back to its portal. During that time, some creatures of the Abyss will go into hiding while others will rally with the daemon. Every hour that passes with it on the loose extends its influence. If the Slasher is not summoned by players for a week, it will randomly spawn at the bottom of the Abyss. Players would be wise to summon it in a more contained location. The Slasher creates a dimensional rift where it spawns. The closer it is to the rift, the stronger it will be and inversely. If the players defeat it, it will flee into the rift in order to restore itself, closing it in the process. If the Slasher is too far from the rift and about to be defeated, it will create a portal that takes it closer to the rift to rejuvenate itself. It must be defeated in this area before the players can push it back.

Stygian Dragon

The Stygian Dragon has a muscular, long body. From its neck to its underbelly, it has gold shimmering scales. The rest of the dragon's body is inky black with hide as thick as plate armor. The Stygian Dragon has four thick limbs with four spread out digits on each foot that end in very large claws. It has enormous bat-like wings, and a long, barbed tail. The dragon's head is elongated and serpentine. It has long, frilled ears, and it has a mouth that runs the length of its face. A mane of spines sprouts from the back of its head, and rows of bony knobs run from the base of its skull to its shoulders. A series of tentacle-like tendrils sprout from its head, chin, and limbs. It has deep-set faceted eyes that are the color of bleached bone.


Medusa is a loathsome relic of ancient magic. Having been driven completely insane, she keeps a collection of her trophies all about her, and can instantly turn her foes to stone if they lack proper protection. When released from their stone, a stone statue of the victim is left behind. If not destroyed quickly, the statue turns into an evil twin that attacks the victim.

Abyssal Inferno

This crimson colored daemon lord is a horrifying aberration who resides in the lower depths of the Stygian Abyss. It has shredding claws, a hellish maw, and eyes which scintillate the pledge of eternal damnation.

Has the ability to do freezing and crushing damage, and at the creatures whim may teleport players to other areas of the Abyss.

Fairy Dragon

Once common throughout Ter Mur, the reclusive Fairy Dragon is slowly disappearing, though the Gargoyles do not know why. These are good and noble, and while small for a dragon, they can pack quite a punch when provoked into combat. As their numbers have declined, they've grown more shy over the years, and prefer not to be noticed.


These non-aggressive grazers can be found on vast grassy plains. When confronted in single combat, the Boura is not to be underestimated. It can withstand quite a bit of damage and deal even more physical damage to his opponent. Anger him enough and he will perform a knock back attack that will not only deal damage but also stun his target for a random period of time

There are three classifications of Boura: High Plains, Low Plains, and Ruddy


These are the more prominent denizens of the Underworld, but may be encountered in different areas throughout the Stygian Abyss. They are divided into two factions, Green and Grey. Each faction also has varied "specialists" in the respective goblin family.

Green Goblins

These are the common goblins, with no special abilities. They do not use weapons but have decent wrestling skills.

The Green Goblin Scouts are sneaky creatures. They will avoid confrontation as much as possible as they are most effective working in the shadows.

Grey Goblins

Similar to the Green goblin in ability and weapon choice:

Goblin Keepers
These are Grey Goblins are spider handlers. They are normally accompanied by a wolf spider. The spiders will often simply start to follow a Grey Goblin Keeper who doesn't have a pet with him. Keepers and Spiders will join forces to defend each other and the Grey Goblin Village.


The Raptor usually travels in the grassy regions where he hunts Boura for food. The Raptor is extremely quick, paragon like in speed. Once set on a target, he will attack relentlessly, even when his own health is in jeopardy. It will be him or his victim.


This small creature is peaceful and friendly. While he requires a lot of convincing, once tamed he will accept any new master. When bonded, he will perform various services for his master: he will fetch targeted resources otherwise unreachable by his master without flight ability.


This creature lurks nears bodies of water and swampy regions. While aggressive, it is a fairly non-threatening creature. In combat, it will mostly inflict melee damage but from time to time will also spit a fireball at his opponent. It is mainly sought after for its yellow and blue scales.

Undead Gargoyle

These gargoyles haunt the City of Kings. They only come out at night to prey on the unwary. They are comparable to Lich Lords

Chicken Lizard

This creature is usually found on farms and serves as one of the Gargoyles' main source of nutrition. They are normally passive creatures. When bonded to a good master, once or twice a week, it will lay an egg after it has been fed. The egg will yield another chicken lizard after it has been properly incubated. On rare occasions, the egg will give birth to a Battle Chicken Lizard. The Chicken Lizards can sometimes be found overland. Rarely, one of their eggs can be found abandoned in overland areas.

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