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All the information you need about your character is found in the character window,
or paper doll. To access your character window, double-click your character.

Moving Your Character

  • To move your character, click and hold the right mouse button towards the hand-shaped cursor. The further away from your character you keep the cursor, the faster you move.
  • To pathfind (automatically move around obstacles in order to reach your destination so long as it is within your line of sight), double-click the right mouse button at a selected point.
  • To follow another character, press and hold alt + left-click that character. To stop following, press and hold alt + left-click your character.

Interacting with Others

  • To see another character?s name and information, mouse over that character.
  • To access another person?s character window (Peace mode only), doubleclick that character with your left mouse button.
  • To speak to another character, type what you wish to say, then press enter. Your speech appears directly above your character.
  • For more information on interacting and communicating with others, visit the Playguide at


Items and Inventory

  • To get an item?s name, mouse over the item.
  • To move an item, click and drag the item to your desired destination.
  • To place an item in your inventory, drag an item into your character or backpack.
  • To trade an item to another player, drag the item onto their character.
  • To drop an item, drag it from your backpack then release the mouse button.
  • To use an item, double-click it with your left mouse button. If a targeting cursor appears, you must target another object on which to use the item. (To do so, click the object you wish to target.)
  • To open a container, double-click it with your left mouse button. The container opens and its contents are displayed in a window.
  • Note: Items in your backpack can be stacked on top of one another, so move items around if you cannot find what you are looking for at first glance.

In-Game Help

  • To access in-game help, double-click your character to open the character window, then click HELP.
  • My character is stuck - Choose the STUCK option from the menu under the Help button by left-clicking the green arrow. After a few minutes you are teleported to a city of your choice.
  • Another player is harassing me - Use the Help button and report harassment by left-clicking the appropriate green arrow. For non-verbal abuses such as offensive names or profiles, please page a Game Master (GM) by clicking HELP, then selecting OTHER.
  • Other gameplay problems - Use the Help button and select OTHER. This automatically pages a GM to come and help you.
  • For more Ultima Online help - View the Playguide at


Exiting the Game

  • To leave the game, open your character window (paper doll) and select LOG OUT.
  • Make sure you are in a safe place - like an Inn or your home with the door closed - before you log out. It can take up to 5 minutes for a character to leave the world, so if you log out in a dangerous area, your character might be attacked without you knowing it.

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