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Playing baseball is just one part of what Ultimate Baseball Online is all about. As part of a virtual baseball gaming community, you can focus on building your own character or become part of the community with features to create teams, join leagues, play in tournaments, become reporters, or manage the game as a GM (Game Master).

Join Teams:
Once you've become comfortable with playing the game, joining a team is the next step in the UBO experience. Playing on a team gives you access to play in team-based tournaments, contests, and leagues that offer PRIZES for winners! In order to join a team, login to the www.ultimatebaseballonline.com website and select Find Teams under the Community section at the top of the homepage.

Once you find the team you want to join, click on the team name to visit the team page. Then, just click the Join Team button to submit your application to the team manager.

Hint: the quickest and best way to join a team is to play in Pick Up Games so that people see your performance on the field and chat with people about who needs players and who wants to start a team.

Creating Your Own Team:
Start your own team by logging in to the ultimatebaseballonline.com website and login to your Character Info page. Select the Create Team option in the drop down box below the character you want to use as the Team Manager.

Fill in fields like team name, hometown, team motto, and preferred game times so that players can see what your team is all about.

Once your team has been created, begin recruiting players and improving your team page with a team logo and news for people to read.

Using the eNotes system on the website is an easy and safe way to send messages to players you would like to recruit. Simply login to the website and click on the send eNote button at the bottom of the home page. Submit your subject, the character name/s, and body of your message to communicate back and forth.

Practice Mode:
Inside the Game Client, there are several options for you to choose from in order to play UBO. On your first day of trying UBO, you will be taken to the Practice Mode first. Going through Practice will automatically earn your character enough points to level up for the first time! Right away, you can put points into your character's ability to throw harder, hit farther, or run faster!

The practice mode is one of the easiest ways to get started with UBO and is always available. You can practice one of three different actions: Batting, Pitching, or Fielding. Click on Practice Mode to take 10 repetitions in any of the three categories.

Pick Up Games (PUG):
These games are the typical games played in UBO and offer real-time competition against other people. Enter the most used Clubhouses to join an existing PUG or Create your own PUG. PUG's require that a minimum of 3 vs. 3 characters play in the game with the remaining positions being filled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) characters that do not hit in the batting order.

To Join a PUG, click on the PUG title once to see what members are already waiting to start or double click the title to go to the Dugout. Once inside the Dugout, select your position and batting order and click the Take The Field (ttf) button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Once the 3 vs. 3 minimum requirement is filled and everyone has selected the ttf button, the game will automatically load.

To Create a PUG, select the Create Game button in the bottom right corner. Fill in the appropriate fields including: Game Name, Level Requirements, Stadium Selection, and Number of Innings. Personalize your PUG as much as you would like so that you play with any and everybody, or just a personalized group of players. You can even password protect your game so that only those you ask can join.

League Play:
League Games are more structured and require full-team rosters. Game times and minimum player requirements apply to league games. League play typically lasts 13 weeks with the first eight (8) weeks being the regular season, followed by two weeks off, leading into a three (3) week post season to determine the champion. Teams in each league are positioned against opponents with comparable skill levels. UBO League play will only begin at the discretion of Netamin Communication Corporation and will be announced through email and website postings.

Tournaments are designed to provide quick and intense competition between teams and individuals. Tournaments provide prizes to winning players. Individual tournament rules and guidelines will always be displayed in the Tournament Page of the www.ultimatebaseballonline.com website. Tournaments are set up at the sole discretion of Netamin and participating sponsors, and can utilize minimum and/or maximum requirements in order for members to participate.

All relevant baseball statistics will be automatically stored on individual Character and Team pages within the www.ultimatebaseballonline.com website. To access the leading performers in any given category, visit the UBO LeaderBoard page on the website or go to the Statistics page for a comprehensive list of all UBO players.

To view your own character statistics, first login to the site and then select the Character Info link under the My Account button. Click on the picture of your character to access your own profile and view your statistics in Pitching, Batting, Fielding, and Other categories. You will also be able to view your yearly summaries, PUG, Tournament, and League Summaries along with any awards you earn along the way.

Become a Coach or GM:
If you find that playing in the game and playing in tournaments or leagues is not enough and want to help build the community aspect of Ultimate Baseball Online, Netamin offers an extensive volunteer program to give players the opportunity to shape the communities future.

Coaches: when players first join UBO, who better to learn from than UBO veterans with a knack for explaining game controls, honor rules, the Code of Conduct, and technical support issues like port opening and firewall closing? Join the UBO Coaches and help make the community stronger by emailing customer support at customersupport@netamin.com.

GM (Game Master): inside the different servers of the UBO video game you will find different GM's to use as guides and mediators for any problems that may arise. GM's can help solve problems, get games started, and answer any questions about UBO. They are the most experienced users of Ultimate Baseball Online and are the problem solvers of the community. To become a GM, you must first demonstrate exceptional Coaching skills, have an immaculate record within the community, and have a desire to be looked up to for all questions. Email customersupport@netamin.com to find out what it takes to become a GM.

Become a Reporter:

With all these games and all these players, how will everyone be able to read about your walk off homerun or diving catch at the wall? UBO's volunteer reporters become part of the Press that helps give life to your character. Get written about in feature headlines, tournament reports, or league reports. Publish your writing on the Ultimate Baseball Online website and even get ranked by your peers. To become a part of the UBO Press, email its editor (ubopress@netamin.com) with a sample from one of your games.

Features Pick-Up Games, Practices, Tournaments, Leagues

• Download free client
• League play with prized competition available by subscription
• Create up to three characters and manage their baseball career
• Compete against all-human teams all eighteen positions on the field can be manned by humans
• Form teams with friends to compete in social leagues or highly competitive tourneys
• Play in realistic 3D virtual stadiums complete with Jumbotron®, blimp, and surround sound
• Compete in tournaments as part of a team or as a free agent
• Win cash and prizes such as Ipods®, PlayStation™ Portables®, personalized jerseys and more by competing in Tournaments PRO, UBOs prized tournament system
• Track personalized statistics and league leaders through personal player Web pages
• Read about yourself and others in the game in the UBO News
• Throw bonus pitches over 100mph
• Develop hot spots to hit maximum power

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