Twin Saga Feature Overview, Get Ready for Founder's Beta

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Twin Saga is a free-to-play MMO that offers an eye-popping, anime-style game universe, a dynamic selection of swappable classes, a unique housing system, and thrilling PvE and PvP combat. Twin Saga’s Founder’s Beta begins on August 9 for any fans who have purchased a Founder's Pack!

Twin Saga

Twin Saga tells the story of Marisa and Amaris, twin goddesses who couldn't possibly be more different from one another. At odds over whether the human world should be allowed to exist beyond the end of time, the sisters went to war with each other. With the evil Amaris seemingly victorious, players will assume the role of an orphaned human that represents humanity’s last hope for survival.


  • Change your class and skills anywhere, anytime on your quest to master them all
  • Party it up with your friends in your very own customizable Terracottage
  • Deal devastating damage with amazing Combos and spectacular Ultimate Moves
  • Immerse yourself in a rich, living and breathing anime world



There are 10 Classes in total, only 4 are revealed.



Swordmasters wield razor-sharp greatswords with deadly alacrity. These seasoned warriors befuddle enemies with their headstrong tactics before going in for the kill.


Mages command the elements, summoning thunder, lightning, and raging gales with a simple snap of their fingers. Anyone who dares cross them will be at the mercy of the world's primal forces.


Forged from the draconic powers of flame, light, and wind, Dragonknights channel the fearsome strength of their namesakes in battle to quickly overpower even the most indomitable opponents.


Gunslingers serve no one but themselves, wandering the world with naught but their twin guns at their sides. Combining blinding agility with unerring aim, they're always one step ahead of their enemies.

Fighting System

Class Switching-Play Any Class at Will

Enjoy the freedom of playing as any class you like - on the same character! Once unlocked, all classes in Twin Saga are at your fingertips, any time outside of combat. Need more power to take down a tough enemy? Become a Mage! Your party needs a healer for the next dungeon? Break out the Cleric!


Ultimate Skills-Trigger Dynamic Ultimate Moves

Charge up your SP gauge by using abilities in battle, then unleash your full power with a devastating Ultimate Move! Every class has three Ultimate Moves available, each with distinct effects that can help turn the tide of a battle. What's more, Ultimate Moves feature many unique jaw-dropping animations that change depending on the monsters you strike!

Command Senshis in battle

A hero is made stronger by loyal companions. Throughout your adventure you'll recruit warriors known as Senshi to fight by your side. They use their own abilities and Ultimate Moves, and can even be swapped out in battle according to the situation! Using rare and powerful tomes, it's rumored they can be evolved into even stronger forms... 

Twin Saga's Founder's Beta begins on August 9, 2016 for any fans who have purchased a Founder's Pack!

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