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Rasalag is a small yet peaceful town.
Each and every person in town is crazy about "cars".
Everyone has a great deal of knowledge and skill on driving It is also home to "Maha", the legendary racer.
(Come to think of it, in various parts of town, suspicious smoke rose and engine roared.)

One year ago, time when Maha was nowhere to be seen, there remained Maha's important treasures:
"Kajo" and "Karina", the two children of Maha.

Disappearance of the town people
One day, the town Kajo and Karina live in witnessed a mysterious incident - some of the town people just disappeared!
People - while driving, sleeping, or working in blacksmith to produce.
a new engine - just disappeared, while leaving everything behind them.
The mysterious part of the incident is that nobody actually saw the moment they disappeared.
They were right next to them, yet they were gone, with the mower running, bread in oven being baked, and supper on table waiting to be devoured.

Where have they gone?
Why did they disappear?
Did they hide themselves? Or were they taken away? If so, where were they taken to by whom and why?
As they have suddenly disappeared, will they suddenly return?

The ones left behind spent each day in anxiety, hoping for the return of the missing ones.
Then, the next day, a group of people proclaiming themselves as "Cauda" arrive in town. "We took your people away. Obey our orders if you want them home safe and alive."

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