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Description: Pyromancers are characterised by their preemptive attacks; they give up defence for a short while in order to have the most powerful attacks among The Nine Classes. Pyromancers believe the Holy Fire will bless them to be reborn and will choose to die in combat rather than flee from battle.

Location: Fire Palace.

Weapon Type: Spear & Falchion.

Slogan: When hungry, eat rice. When tired, close your eyes. When being attacked by murderous enemies, keep fighting.

Lotus Order:

Description: The Lotus Order apprentices usually study the personal virtues of the Buddha paired with Kung Fu. Their studies have given them abilities and skills not only to absorb damage, but also to heal.

Location: Mt. Emei.

Weapon Type: Single and Dual One-Handed Swords.

Slogan: A violent man does not die of natural death.


Description: Kung Fu fighters from Royalty prefer to use their fingers instead of a sword and are most famous for the 'Six Veins pine Sword' which attacks the body`s vital points to stun the target or reduce the target's spiritual power. It is said that Royalty Kung Fu is the bane of spirit users.

Location: Royal Temple.

Weapon Type: Fan & Chakram.

Slogan: Don't think. Feel! It's like a finger pointing to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger or you'll miss all that heavenly glory.



Description: The Minstrels are often depicted as ne'er do wells and charlatans who prefer to avoid challenges. They rely heavily on traps and devices to confuse their enemies. Their devices normally implore the aid of the spirit and fire elements.

Location: Minstrel Cave.

Weapon Type: Fan & Chakram.

Slogan: Running, he saves his own life and that of the tiger. This is not cowardice. It is the love of life.


Description: It is believed that the Taoist philosophy, which is ingrained in the Taoist class’s training and promotes going with the flow and living simply in harmony with nature, cultivates leaders of men.

Location: Mt. Wu Tang.

Weapon Type: Single and Dual One-Handed Swords.

Slogan: The man who focuses on the balance of power becomes the most powerful.




Description: Voodoo Kung Fu is the weakest of the martial arts and relies heavily on the use of poisons to inflict damage, in most cases before the battle has even begun. The Voodoo have developed a strong defence against spirit.

Location: Voodoo Sea.

Weapon Type: Single and Dual One-Handed Swords.

Slogan: Time is a predator that stalks us all our lives.


Description: The Assassins Kung Fu is so well known for its mystery that its apprentices are regarded as wraiths. Assassins are masters of ice and physical attacks, dealing quick powerful combos, but their most terrifying skill is the ability to become invisible.

Location: Assassin's Peak.

Weapon Type: Fan & Chakram.

Slogan: Men do not beat drums before hunting tigers.


Beggars Alliance:

Description: Every good general that goes into a war has a plan; the same can be said of the Beggars Alliance Kung Fu. The fighting style is based on a series of moves that build and increase the strength of their next attack. Although their attacks are mainly physical, they also use poisons squeezed from venomous snakes & insects.

Location: Beggars Alliance.

Weapon Type: Spear & Falchion.

Slogan: When you see a worthy person, endeavour to emulate him. When you see an unworthy person, then examine your inner self


Description: Shaolin Kung Fu has a long history and is trademarked by its legendary iron body skill providing both tremendous offensive and defensive power.

Location: Shaolin Temple.

Weapon Type: Spear & Falchion.

Slogan: Avoid, rather than check. Check, rather than hurt. Hurt, rather than maim. Maim, rather than kill. For all life is precious, and none can be replaced.

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