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Exclusive Tips and Tricks

1. Join parties.
Remember that pranas are much higher in parties than in solos. Players always misconstrue that pranas are much lower in party system than in solo leveling. Case in point, in solo mode, if you killed monster A and you'll get 1,000 pranas. However in a party (you're 2 characters in the party), you will get 600 pranas for that monster. A total of 1,200 pranas instead of 1,000 pranas.
2. Do not try to upgrade as soon as possible.
The possibility that you'll fail are relatively high. Instead, try to kill monsters and talk to other players. This will give you more time to realize what items should be upgraded.
3. In a party system, you can kill much higher level monster easily than in solo mode because you have some form of support and reinforcement whenever help is badly needed.
4. Try to finish your quest as quickly as possible.
This will help you in leveling up faster and getting rupiahs needed for future transactions.
5. If ever you can go to the advance map immediately, go for it.
This will help you explore and be familiar with new monsters.
6. Always carry healing items.
This will be your emergency option whenever a mob is nearby. With these items, you can recover the 5% pranas lost and also make evasive actions during the healing process.
7. In the beginner's level, try not to engage in PK (player kill) modes.
It will hinder you from leveling since you will be prey to others. Instead, level up first to a much higher level and then try the PK mode.
8. Be a master of the ??°hit and run??± combo.
Hit and run combos are usually used by long range characters (i.e. archers, wizards). These combos are very effective in killing higher level monsters.
9. Choose your god wisely.
It is very costly to switch from one god to another. Talk first to your peers so you'll be in the same page with regards to the god of preference.
10. Join in-game events to hone your skills and build camaraderie with fellow gamers.
Plus, you could also gain premium items as prizes during the events.
11. Use premium items as much as possible!
Items such as Anubaba Charm (Increase Physical/Magical Attack by 27%), Atman Charm (HP increase 27%) and Quality Peito Charm of Zosimo (+15 Chakra increase for 1 hour) have great effects in dealing massive damages to monsters or nearby enemies.

Monsters to kill/Maps to explore when you are:

Level 1-10 : Solo - Vasabhums, Vasabhum cauras, mlecchas, even mlecchas caura
Party - varajas, boas

Level 15-30 : Solo - sarpa's (long range) anangas (melee)
Party - try much advance dungeons, mandara dungeon 2, kaulitaras (the best)

Level 35-45 : Solo - kaulitaras
Party - Shambala dungeons (level 40), kaulitaras, pisaci

Level 45 and above : Solo - Jina
Party - Exile

VEGA/DIBANDA combo: Most effective combo. Every Druka should have these skills since these will be their lethal weapon during combat.

PARAKA: Drukas best defense, usually this skill is used when enemy is inflicting heavy damage.

CHAYA: A skill used to prevent enemy from successfully evading. Ready your healing items / healing skills for you will use them when chaya is unleashed.

JAMA TIRIKA: one thing that DEVAs/GARUDAs are afraid of. This skill can be a 1-hit point ratio when used wisely

Character Skills and Battle Tactics in Kruma

Know your role. Be aware of your character strengths and weaknesses. Focus on your strength and use it wisely. Improve your weaknesses so your enemies won't take advantage of it. For example, if you're a pure mental DEVA, your strength relies on your long range ability spells and no one can inflict maximum damage than a DEVA or GARUDA. But be careful with the Karya built for pure mental DEVAs, this type of characters are intended to kill pure mental wizards with single shots. Instead, try to know your enemy movements before striking.

Usually, Karyas are always on the back side of the team. Improve on your weakness, which are your defense and your low life points. DEVAs have high capabilities to inflict damages but they are not invincible. They too can be killed so you must be with party system for you to be supported and to maneuver within enemy flanks. Do not attempt to go alone and assume you can kill them all.

The YAKSA and GANDHARVA are considered the captains of the team since they can be utilized as offensive and defensive pawns. They have healing skills and are very hard to kill since they also have a steady supply of healing items. They also serve as the medics of the team since they can give out support spells.

The ASURA and RAKSHASA are the assassins of the team. Archers are considered to be lethal now that they have learned KUDU (summons vasabhum king), a skill that is proven to be highly-efficient killing anyone. Dagger and sword types are also dangerous since they can inflict an infinite amount of damage. They also have invisibility skills, which can be considered lethal especially to DEVA and GARUDAS.

The NAGA and KIMNARA are the knights of the team since they are built to annihilate everyone. Beware of their stunning skills, which are very deadly especially when they are in a party. The ASURA and RAKSHASA are considered their primary rivals.

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