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  • Taichi Panda Teumessian Update Pet: Sharpshooter
    Who brings a gun to a martial arts fight? The Sharpshooter, that's who. Enemies are lucky to get within 2000 yards of this highly-accurate soldier.
  • Taichi Panda Teumessian Update Pet: Captain Sam
    Once a brutal Pirate Captain, the man known simply as Captain Sam fell victim to a curse. He is now forced to wander the seas for eternity, slowly transforming into a monster. While searching for a cure for his curse, he works with Adventurers around the world, using powerful crowd control abilities and devastating blights to completely dominate fights.
  • Taichi Panda Teumessian Update Pet: Mephisto
    Also known as Mephistopheles, an ancient demon who serves those who have already been corrupted by their own desires. It *might* be a bad sign that he's shown up as your pet, adventurer...
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Dingus
    Dingus is a stylish dual-wielding swordsman with the ability to remove beneficial buffs from his enemies. He's loyal as can be, but don't make fun of his name or you might end up his next victim.
  • Taichi Panda Teumessian Update Pet: Nezha
    A Chinese diety of protection; Nezha protects brave adventurers fighting their way through Avzar using powerful crowd control abilities and a defensive summon.
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Hades
    Hades, after defeating the Titans and claiming the title of God of the Underworld, seems to have decided that his true calling was serving as a panda's pet... hey, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Grubly
    If you enjoy a good, clean, “ribbit”-ing fun companion, you should grab this amphibious assault buddy for your next adventure!
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Ice Striker
    You start with a turtle. Add ice. Strap on a few cannons. Yup, that’s how you make one tough looking Ice Striker!
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Sun Wukong
    One bad, brawling monkey. The hero from Chinese legend joins the fight for Avzar.
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Borik
    Taichi Panda Pet: Borik
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