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  • Taichi Panda Teumessian Update Pet: Sharpshooter
    Who brings a gun to a martial arts fight? The Sharpshooter, that's who. Enemies are lucky to get within 2000 yards of this highly-accurate soldier.
  • Taichi Panda Teumessian Update Pet: Captain Sam
    Once a brutal Pirate Captain, the man known simply as Captain Sam fell victim to a curse. He is now forced to wander the seas for eternity, slowly transforming into a monster. While searching for a cure for his curse, he works with Adventurers around the world, using powerful crowd control abilities and devastating blights to completely dominate fights.
  • Taichi Panda Teumessian Update Pet: Mephisto
    Also known as Mephistopheles, an ancient demon who serves those who have already been corrupted by their own desires. It *might* be a bad sign that he's shown up as your pet, adventurer...
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Dingus
    Dingus is a stylish dual-wielding swordsman with the ability to remove beneficial buffs from his enemies. He's loyal as can be, but don't make fun of his name or you might end up his next victim.
  • Taichi Panda Teumessian Update Pet: Nezha
    A Chinese diety of protection; Nezha protects brave adventurers fighting their way through Avzar using powerful crowd control abilities and a defensive summon.
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Hades
    Hades, after defeating the Titans and claiming the title of God of the Underworld, seems to have decided that his true calling was serving as a panda's pet... hey, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Grubly
    If you enjoy a good, clean, “ribbit”-ing fun companion, you should grab this amphibious assault buddy for your next adventure!
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Ice Striker
    You start with a turtle. Add ice. Strap on a few cannons. Yup, that’s how you make one tough looking Ice Striker!
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Sun Wukong
    One bad, brawling monkey. The hero from Chinese legend joins the fight for Avzar.
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Borik
    Taichi Panda Pet: Borik
  • Taichi Panda Pet:Panda Swordsman
    Momma panda may have said don’t play with knives, but this particular trouble-maker never really listened.
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Boxer
    When it comes to fisticuffs, you don’t want to mess with this panda.
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Green Dragon
    Fire is for the everyday, run of the mill dragon. This one packs a punch…with his lunch
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Death Dragon
    Don't be fooled by the name and the evil-looking pulsating black aura that constantly surrounds this pet
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Spirit Warden
    This guide is about the Spirit Warden in Taichi Panda
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Ice Phoenix
    Ice Phoenix. Pet of Heroes.
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Phoenix
    No matter how tough things get, this raptor rises from the ashes to tear into the heart of their enemies
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Ice Dragon
    Normally slumbering in the far reaches of the north, this frigid creature is none too pleased to be out in temperatures above freezing
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Pyrotaur
    Bursting out from the depths of the underworld like a raging bull, this is no candle-light steak dinner. Prepare for a stampede
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Harpy
    It's no joke when these vicious she-birds come soaring in from above. You'd better be careful, they'll rip your eyes out and laugh at you!
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Vile Warlock
    This guide is about the Vile Warlock in Taichi Panda
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Vile Spirit
    This guide is about the data of Vile Spirit
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Paladin
    This guide is about the Paladin in Taichi Panda
  • Taichi Panda Pet: Firewalker
    Is it hot in here or is it just this guy? He's big. He's mean. He's on fire
  • Taichi Panda Level Types
    Each chapters has anywhere from 5-20 individual levels to play through. These levels come in several types: Basic Levels, Boss Levels, Elite Levels, and Challenge Levels.
  • Taichi Panda Level Gameplay Preview
    As in all things, players must start at the beginning. They will have to beat a given level manually before they will be able to try the next one. Each level has a series of encounters with enemies, ending with a powerful boss.
  • Taichi Panda Level Chapters
    In Taichi Panda, players are able to play through a series of maps that are divided into 8 chapters.Practice Zone, Noror’s Woods, The Jaraken Barrens, Zor Tundra, Panda Town, Mount Garja, Place of the Dead, Land of Chaos, Atlantis, Lost City and Forlorn Depths.
  • Teumessa, the Fox Mage
    Teumessa came into the world one of a kind, unique, special. In the darkening days of after the disappearance of Vallar, she was born of a human woman, who against all superstition had fallen in love with a fox spirit.
  • Lauren Catcher, the Treasure Hunter
    Lauren Catcher comes from an unknown and mysterious background. Little is known for certain about her sordid past, but for all her secrets one thing is clear – Lauren loves treasure.
  • Lulandore, the Valiant Knight
    Born and raised in the Glorious City, Lulandore is the successor to an ancient order of valiant knights. He has committed his life to the protection of his people and his home, and to uphold the honor of his order.
  • PanDa, the Taichi Master
    In the mysterious lands of the far East, there lived a strange and interesting race of creatures – the Pandas. It was from this enigmatic race that the hero Pan Da was raised, and for which he will risk life in limb to protect.
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