SWTOR - Hardmode Flashpoint - False Emperor Guide

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Author: Dulfy

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Hello everyone, here is another flashpoint guide, this time introducing the False Emperor, one of the three normal mode flashpoints available at level 50. This flashpoint is also avilable as a hardmode and I will provide commentary on the hardmode version of the fight as well.

One thing I do want to mention is that for the last boss on this Flashpoint, having two knockbacks or a pull + knockback is extremely helpful for finishing the fight and you might not be able to complete it without it.

Also for hardmode, almost all of the bosses have enrage timer, which means that if you have low DPS, you may not make it past the encounter as when the bosses enrage, they hit extremely hard and will one or two shot the tank.

1. Guide for the first boss - Tregg the Destroyer

This is the first boss you will encounter, he is located on a bridge and has the following abilities... read more>>

2. Guide for the second boss - Jindo Krey

The boss itself is pretty easy but it's the spaceship that adds additional mechanics. There are three turrets located in the room which you need to utilize to deal with the spaceship...read more>>

3. Guide for the third boss - Prototype A-14 & Prototype B-16

This is a pair of droids you will encounter. One of the droids will go into a defensive mode called Simulation Mode where it stops taking all damage and throws a saber attack at random party members that hits for ~ 1.4 k HP. You will know which droid has this mode active because it has a blue aura around it...read more>>

4. Guide fot the fourth boss - HK-47

Surprised! HK-47 is back new abilities! None of HK-47's abilities are interruptible as he has the unshakeable buff. This fight also have very high "bursty" damage so tanks could go from full health to dead in the span of a few seconds...read more>>

5. Guide for the fifth and sixth boss - Chondrus Berani and Sith Entity

He is a mini-boss. Pretty much a tank and spank fight. His only ability worth mentioning is Spinning Strikes, an AOE ability that seems to be able to be interrupted...read more>>

6. Guide for the last boss - Darth Malgus

He is the final boss of the flashpoint. The actual fight is not very hard but it is finishing off the fight that takes coordination and you may not be able to complete it without a certain group makeup...read more>>

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