SWTOR 1.2 Companion Gifts and Crafting Bonuses

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Author: Dulfy

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Hey everyone, with patch 1.2, you can finally gain affection with your annoying ship droid and make him get better at certain crafting skills. I thought this would be a good time to update all the previous companion gift information and add in all the crafting bonuses in one page. All of the data here directly came from the client files and therefore should be fairly accurate unless I made a typo.

Companion Gifts & Affection

Why gain affection? Max affection with a companion will grant you a 5% crit bonus to all crafting done by that companion and 15% efficiency (faster crafting). After 1.2, max affection will also unlock stat bonuses for the first companion of each type (i.e. melee tank, ranged dps) to be unlocked and a small presence boost.

One thing to note is that romance with a companion change their responsiveness to certain types of gifts. For most companions, this will make that particular companion more responsive to courting/luxury gifts. However, certain companions like Ashara will change their responsive to a wide range of gifts when you romance her. For "simple" companions, their response to courting/luxury gifts during romance are in the romance column. For more "complex" companions, they have a separate row to reflect all the changes.

Each class have 2 companions (one male, one female) for romance options (opposite sex humanoids only). Smugglers/Agents have 3 companions (one male, two female) available for romance because they are awesome!

SWTOR 1.2 Companion Gift List

Check out the original large one of the Companion Gift List

SWTOR 1.2 Republic Companion Gift List

Check out the original large one of the Republic Companion Gift List

Knowing the above info and the type & rank of the gift you have, you can figure out exactly how much affection you companion will gain from a certain gift, I will show you how to calculate it below but here is a handy chart if you don’t want to do the math yourself!

SWTOR 1.2 Republic Companion Gift Calculation

There are 5 companion affection rating ranks

  • Rank 1: -1000-1999 (yes, that is a negative sign)
  • Rank 2: 2000-3999
  • Rank 3: 4000-5999
  • Rank 4: 6000-7999
  • Rank 5: 8000-10000

There are also 5 ranks of Companion gifts, depending on the rank difference (Companion affection rating rank - Companion gift rank), here are the modifiers. (i.e. A companion at rank 1 affection getting a rank 2 gift would have a modifier of 1.1)

Rank Difference Modifier
-4 0
-3 0
-2 0.2
-1 0.5
0 1
1 1.1
2 1.3
3 1.5
4 1.5

Each companion have 4 affection ratings towards various gifts, each with a modifier

  • Indifferent: 0
  • Like: 4
  • Favourite: 9
  • Love: 16

Finally, there are 3 tiers of Companion gifts, each with another modifier.

  • Premium (green item): 6
  • Prototype (blue item): 10
  • Artifact (purple item): 24

Knowing all these information, you can quickly calculate how much a certain gift will give your companion.

For example, your ship droid 2RV8, if you have him at affection rating rank 1, and gave him a green rank 1 Technology gift the resulting affection would be 6 x 1 x 9 = 54.

  • Gift rank - companion affection rank = 0, modifier = 1
  • Green gift (premium), modifier = 6
  • Technology (favourite), modifier = 9

A rank 2 Technology gift given to the same companion at the same affection rating rank would give 59 affection. (6 x 1.1 x 9 = 59.4)

Crafting Bonuses

Max Companion Affection (10.000) will give you 5% chance to Crit and 15% Efficiency.

Companions have two bonuses, one is efficiency (reduce the amount of time it takes to make the item/gather) and the other is critical (chance to get augment slots on crafted gear or yield more items etc). Each companion has an efficiency bonus to one crew skill and a critical bonus to another crew skill.

Lets talk about the Ship Droid (2V-R8/C2-N2)first because he is special!

Your ship droid has a sensor unit, which can be equipped with parts brought from the Repair Droid (Legacy Perk unlocked for 1 million credits). Something good to know is that if you know a friend that also brought the Repair Droid for their ship, you can simply access their ship to buy the parts without spending the 1 million!

Repair Droid sells the following 6 parts, each costing 100k. You can equip 1 sensor on your droid at a time.

Engineering Droid Sensor +5 Scavenging Efficiency
+5 Cybertech Critical
Exploration Droid Sensor +5 Archaeology Efficiency
+5 Synthweaving Critical
Hunter Droid Sensor +10 Investigation Efficiency
+2 Armstech Critical
Medical Droid Sensor +10 Biochem Efficiency
+2 Diplomacy Critical
Scout Droid Sensor +10 Artifice Efficiency
+2 Treasure Hunting Critical
Security Droid Sensor +10 Armormech Efficiency
+2 Underworld Trading Critical

SWTOR 1.2 Crafting Bonuses

Check out the original large one of the Crafting Bonuses above

SWTOR 1.2 Crafting Bonuses

Check out the original large one of the Crafting Bonuses above

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