Take a Closer Look at Sura Online's 3 Classes

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Sura Online is a 2.5D action game developed by Korean NSE Entertainment. Here is a brief introduction of currently revealed classes and class advancement. Let's have a closer look at the game!

Sura Online Classes

At level 15, it's able to change class, and at level 30, the classes can be awakened. There are 3 classes so far, and each of them has two advancement classes. And we can know from the background story that there are two hidden classes. Check out the 3 classes' combat trailer first:

PS: The English name of the classes hasn't been confirmed. The following are temporary names.

Ahriman (Chinese Name: 妖灵)

Weapon: Whip
Combat Style: Long-range Magic Attack
Advancement Classes: Xuan Yintian, Dementor

She is a combination of monster and human. She has ability of prevision and good appearance.

Sura Online Class

Xuan Yintian's Features

  • Weapon: Wheel-sword
  • A medium range DPS
  • Masters all kinds of debuffs
  • A sustained DPS

Dementor's Features

  • Weapon: Lute
  • A long-range support and DPS
  • Knows all kinds of Buffs
  • Has powerful group control skills

Sura Online Ahriman Advancement Classes


Immortal (Chinese Name: 神裔)

Weapon: Tachi
Combat Style: Melee
Advancement Classes: Yaksa, Mohu

Sura Online Class

Yaksa's Features:

  • Weapon: Dual Swords
  • A mixed melee damage dealer
  • He is good at dealing with several enemies at the same time
  • Strong AoE Ability

Mohu's Features:

  • Weapon: Rope-dart
  • A powerful 1vs1 player
  • A single target sustained DPS
  • Fast skill link-up

Sura Online Immortal Advancement Classes


Beast (Chinese Name: 兽蛮)

Weapon: Great Sword
Combat Style: Melee Physical DPS
Advancement Classes: Wuji, Dragon-tooth Wolf

Sura Online Class

Wuji's Features

  • Weapon: Shield
  • A Tank
  • Has HP Buff
  • Assistant group control

Dragon-tooth Wolf's Features

  • Weapon: Iron Fist
  • Secondary Tank and DPS
  • He can consume HP to make high DPS
  • Good at dealing with several enemies at the same time

Sura Online Beast Advancement Classes

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