Spirit Tales FAQ

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Quests Related Questions for Spirit Tales

Where do I find the boss from the drill sergeant quest?

When you get the quest you talk to him again and he will teleport you inside to fight the boss 1 on 1.

What to do when Out of Quest?

Take your time to join a clan then purchase guild quests from GS:
Clan manager on maps with a flag icon, higher level than frost forest.

What is the Size of Spirit Tales Guild Emblems?

32 x 32 is guild emblem size.

How to Autoroute?

Right click the quest part you want to go to from the quest tracking list.
Or open the quest list and click the pink lollipop it looks like.

Spirit Tales Gear and Equipment FAQ

How to Repair Spirit Tales Gears?

Use "Repair Hammer" or repair them from the Item/ Weapon/ Armor Merchants or Clan Manager. You can obtain Repair Hammers from Mystic Jade, Dumpling Chests, Item Mall or Special Festival Event Boxes.

How to Remove Gems from ST Gears?

You can buy gem remover from the Item Mall, under the Costuming tab. However, doing so will remove ALL the games from your Spirit tales gears.

How to Get "Cores" to Make Gears?

You can either obtain cores by using Weapon grinders on Orange or higher gears, you can also purchase cores from the item shop directly.

How to Craft Orange and Purple Named Gears?

You need the manual to craft it. You can get these manuals from Giants Treasure Boxes, Advance Bosses Loots, Dungeon Bosses Loots or Special Events.

Loots and Drops Related FAQ

How do You get Special Loots?

These loots are dropped only when you break the SP of the monster. To get these boss special loots, you will have to deplete their Green Color "SP Bar" in transform mode.

What are Giant's Loots?

Giants are the strongest monster on their respective maps. However, these Spirit Tales Giants don’t drop loots, instead, you will receive a mailed reward if you manage to get one hit to the Giants before they die. The Giants Mailed Treasure boxes give crafting materials, weapon manuals, and pet equipment.

How do I obtain Training Ground Coins in Spirit Tales?

Complete the training ground daily quest. You get the training ground daily quests from the Drill Sergeant, talk to him again to enter the training grounds to fight the monster.

How to Get Blue Materials for Crafting?

Most blue crafting items are the mobs or boss in the various dungeons.
Example: level 29 dungeon drops light-swallowing black jade and rainbow canceling crystal
Level 34 dungeon drops Kallaite.

How to Get Tree Core?

You can get it as a drop from Break Lawaner's BP.

Location Related Spirit Tale FAQ

Where is the Auction House in Spirit Tales?

You can find the auction house with an icon that looks like an outdoor stall. The NPC named GS Middle Man at 253, 513 can help you access the auction marketplace.

If you have trouble Upgrading Gears

To enhance your Spirit Tales gears, you will need to have sufficient amount of hammers, the correct type of hammers, as well the level of hammer that is suitable for your gear upgrade.

How do I get 100% Spirit Tales enhance success rate?

Use "Rainbow Meteor". Rainbow Meteor can be obtained from Lv20 Quest and at a very low rate from Dumpling Chest.

How to Get Spirit Tales Mount?

You will receive a mount from a quest at Level 40. You can also buy mount from Item Mall or obtain them from their respective capsules.

Where do I get dumpling chests?

Noah NPC in Frost Forest. (you have to be +35)

Generic Frequently Asked Questions for ST

How do you Juggle Mobs in Spirit Tales?

Juggling is the continuous motion of using transform to throw monster up to the sky. You can then untransform and spam your skills while the monster are having air time. Lastly, you transform to throw them up again when they landed. This technique can be used to kill mobs efficiently.

How to Open two chat Screens?

Click the "key" icon on your chat bar.

How to Enter Screen Mode?

Alt + H

What is the Quick Shortcut to Remove Pets?

Alt + F

How does COD Work?

C.O.D is Cash on Delivery system of trading in Spirit Tales. You will receive a mail with a red "C.O.D" button if someone "C.O.D"ed you. If "C.O.D" someone else and that someone clicked the red "C.O.D" button. You will receive a mail of the amount of coins you requested for.

How do You do Teleport in Spirit Tales?

You can teleport by clicking the "Wing" icon on your minimap and then proceed to choosing the map you want to teleport to. However, you need to link with the Divine Wind Guard of the respective maps first. To link with the Spirit Tales Divine Wind Guard, simply speak to him once in on the respective map.

How to Put Items on Chat?

Just simply hold alt and left click the item you want to put on chat.

How do You Whisper in Spirit Tales?

Type in /t "Name" "Message" to whisper.

How do I talk on world chat?

You need a world horn to talk in world chat, you can get the world horns either from the level up gift set (magical beast jade) or cash shop.

Party and Dungeon in Spirit Tales

Right click the name of the player you want to add and select group invitation and you can create a party. To leave a party, right click your self in the upper left corner and you will see an option to leave party. Make sure you click around your name. In addition, you can also leave the dungeon by the same way.

How to separate stacked items?

Just simply hold shift and left click the stacked items you want to separate.

Attack Without Clicking

Turn your camera angle to 1 or 3 and then point at mob
right click hold, left click hold, release right, release left.
Move your mouse as you please over the mobs you want to attack.

Spirit Tales Pet Related Basic FAQ

How to get Spirit Tales Blue Named Pets?

You get them on low chance upon using Pet Food to capture them.

How do I use the pet stable?

Can't be the pet you use to fight or merged with, recall it or unmerge if you want to put that one in.
Click the picture part of their area once and let go. You should see the picture attacked to your pointer now.

How to catch a pet?

You need a pet rice ball from pet trader/shop starting on Spring Valley map. Drop the monster’s HP less than 50%, you can then use the pet rice ball. Monster with "peach like button" after their names are catchable as your pet.

You can also use Master pet dango (cash shop item) for lvl 25+ monsters to capture them as your Spirit Tales pets. You can get Master Dangos from Item Mall, Dumpling Chests or Special Festival Event Boxes.

How do You get Spirit Tales Boss Pets?

Spirit Tales bosses drop their respective pets as one of their loot. You cannot capture the bosses as pets on their own.

How to Transform?

At level 10 you will receive a quest that allows you to unlock the Spirit Beast Form transformation. You can use Space to transform. Need at least 100 SP.

How you evolve a pet?

You need at least 2 level 30 pets, recall all your pets then click evolve.

How to Use Pet to Attack Arena Enemies?

You have two choices to use your pet to attack players in the arena: 1. Click the Right Click the red color "Fight" button after you select your target or 2. Left Click the red color "Fight" button if your pet is in unaggressive mode.

Dying Explained in Spirit Tales

When you die in Spirit Tales, you will lose 5% EXP if you die in the field map. You won't lose EXP if you die in dungeon or Twilight Arena. However, to avoid losing EXP when you die in Spirit tales, you can either get revived by a Sorcerer or you use 'Pink Sakura' from the Item Mall. You will also receive two selection options when you die: "Check Up" will teleport you to the medic you check up with. Revive will teleport you to the first medic of the map.

Jobs and Skill Related Common Questions and Answers

What is the Level Requirement of Spirit Tales 2nd Jobs?

Level 40.

How Many Skill Points do You Get?

From Level 1- 50 : 1 SKill point
From Level 51 – 60 : 2 Skill points

How many skill points can I spend on my 2nd Job Skills?

A maximum of 10 regardless of level.

How to redistribute skill points after Level 30?

You need to use "Water of Lethe". You can get the Water of Lethe from the Item Mall.

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