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OBT Guide

Hi! How are you doing guys? OBT will begin on on Thursday August 12th at 11am PDT!What's more, all character data from CBT will be wiped before OBT, however after 8/12 there will be no further data wipes.

Well, How about your CBT experience? This game is brand-new RTS MMO style, and it's so fresh that we've never tasted before. Even though the gameplay after Lv10 or more still need some improvements, this game is awesome. We should be patient and tolerance to face a new try. Hoping to see something new in OBT! Now, follow me, we are entering OBT banquet.

How far away between YOU and OBT? 10 steps.

1. Download the OBT client

We found that some friends can not download our client in high speed for there is too many players downloading. We offer you BT torrent file as well, you can choose it to get the client faster.

2. Installation

3. While the game is installing, you can visit GamesCampus website to sign up for a free account

4. Choose your class

5. Check how to control your character

6. Get to know the command menu

7. Explore PvE Gameplay

8. How do I PvP?

9. "You are not logged in the service area". Why?

10. Required system specifications to play


Valuable Guide Resource Collection (Keeping Updating)

Game Rules and Punishments

What are the punishments for botting, swearing, etc.?

2. Installation

2.1 Open the file and start installation by clicking "Run".

2.2 Save the install client to your desktop and click "Next" to begin the download.

2.3 Once the download is complete, it will automatically start the installation process.

2.4 Follow the installation instructions and run the game after it is done.

2.5 Double-click the Soul Master icon on your desktop.

2.6 The launcher will automatically update the game client.

2.7 After patching is complete, press "Game Start" to load the game.

2.8 If you already have a GamesCampus ID and Password, please enter them and click "Login." If not, click the "Create an ID" button on the bottom left side to sign up with GamesCampus or visit our website and sign up for a free account.

2.9 Select "Create Character" to the bottom left and choose a class and character name to begin.

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9. "You are not logged in the service area". Why?

The GamesCampus-licensed version of Soul Master is authorized to operate in N. and S. America exclusively, which means users in those regions will always have access to our game service. Users from other regions are still able to play unless the game is licensed to another publisher in a different region.

Due to how licensing contracts work, however, if another publisher licenses the game to operate in a region like Europe or Japan, then we're required to IP block those regions if that publisher requests us to. This was unfortunately the case with European users. The official request to do so came during CBT, for which we sincerely apologize to players from Europe whom had been able to play beforehand, however we were contractually obligated to do so after they requested it.

For further information on which countries, why we were required to do it, and what we're currently doing to see if we can remove it please see the following thread with multiple announcements quoted in it:

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10. System Requirements

Minimum System Specifications Recommended System Specifications
CPU Intel Pentium 3 1.0 Ghz Intel Pentium 4 1.8 Ghz or higher
RAM 512 MB 1 GB or higher
Graphics Card Geforce 4 TI
ATI Radeon 7000 FX 5600
Geforce FX 5200
ATI Radeon 9000
HDD 1 GB or higher 1 GB or higher
OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

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11. Password / Email / Account Retrieval

If you have lost your password or were suspended for entering too many wrong passwords, please follow these directions:

First attempt to receive a password or account name retrieval via the link found under the login on the main page of the website.

If you do not receive the email within an hour, please submit a DQA which can be found under the "Support" section, and provide us with the following information to verify that it is your account:
Account Name:
Full Registered Name:
Date of birth:
Registered Email Address for your account:
Character(s) on the account (their levels, class):
Email Address or Password you would like it changed to: (please create a gmail.com email account, as a number of other domains are unable to receive the GamesCampus password reset messages)

Once we receive your DQA, we will check our records to see if it matches what we have in our system. After you send us this information, the password retrieval process / email change may take 1-2 business days.

If the information provided to us is incorrect we may not provide support under the assumption that the account is not owned by the poster.

If you cannot log in to the account you wish to recover information from, please create a new temporary account to send in the DQA.

Bear in mind that false claims will not be tolerated. Asking for information for an account which is not yours will be followed by a permanent account ban on all accounts associated with your domain/IP.

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12. What are the punishments for botting, swearing, etc.?

Here is the list of violations and punishments, and please read through our Terms of Service when installing the game for further information.

1. Abusive Language and Cursing - (1st offense) Account banned for 1 day (2nd) Account banned for 3 days (3rd) Account banned for 7 days (4th) Account banned permanently

2. Impersonating an Administrator - (1st offense) Account banned for 7 days (2nd) Account banned permanently

3. Interrupting or interfering with an Administrator's Duties - (1st offense) Warning (2nd) Account banned for 1 day (3rd) Account banned for 7 days (4th) Account banned permanently

4. Improper Character Name - Offending character name will be changed to a random name

5. Intentional Interuption of Game Play / Player Harrassment - (1st offense) Account banned for 1 day (2nd) Account banned for 7 days (3rd) Account banned for 15 days (4th) Account banned permanently

6. Spamming in the Game - (1st) Warning (2nd) Account banned for 1 day (3rd) Account banned for 3 days (4th) Account banned permanently
Scamming / Gold Selling Websites will be banned permanently upon discovery.

7. Using or Distributing Illegal / Hacking Programs - Account and IPs/domains banned permanently

We will only take action after having evidence which shows clearly a user's illegal behavior.

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