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Super Dancer Online - Xtreme is a 9you developed product and published by CiB Net Station Sdn Bhd exclusively, is the first dancing pad online game that never had before. With SDO-X you can hear most of the popular and classical music. The unique virtual character calorie calculation system enables virtual character size changes corresponding to your daily play time. SDO-X will become the world most popular online game, as this game presents you the weight reduction and fitness while enjoy the entertainment and leisure playing this game.

Feature Guide Slimming System


In SDO you will find variety of song ranging from soft ballads to heavy metal, English ; Chinese and Malay. It also give players an opportunity to experience different kinds of song composed by professional musicians. These are among the things that distinguish SDO from other music games. It is truly unique in every sense. The one and only online dance game and connect with our dancing pad. Isn't it great ?

SDO allows users to compete with players or perform as a group. As the players progress and improve they earn levels and rankings, this make SDO an ideal game of friendly competition. Come be part of SDO.


Why do i encounter black screen when enter game?
If you encounter black screen when enter game, please close the game and re-enter the game. If the black screens persist, please contact our customer service hotline at 603-7880 3513 OR e-mail to

What is the difference in songs between keyboard mode and dancing pad mode?
The difference in songs between keyboard mode and dancing pad mode is the notes in the songs, as the notes in dancing pad mode are carefully arranged to suit dancing pad, while the notes in keyboard mode are carefully arranged to suit keyboard play style.

How do i register and activate account for Super Dancer Online ?
You can register your account at
You can activate your account at

Can I use keyboard to play the game, without using dancing pad ?

This is possible, because there are two districts in Super Dancer Online, one is "Keyboard District", and another is "Dancing Pad District".

When I use the dancing pad to play, will the computer screen too small, and thus cannot see the "Direction Key" ?
This you can assure, as we thought of this problem during the planning stage, after strict evaluation and redesign by our development department, you will realise that if you are using the dancing pad to play the Super Dancer Online, as long as you are 5 feet away from the computer screen to play the game, the "Direction Key" is very clear.

Why my avatar cannot wear which I bought?

One of the characteristic of the items for avatar in Super Dancer Online is Level Restriction, and Level Restriction means the avatar must reach a certain level to be able to wear.

Why when i click on "Pet Shop", " Community Street ", "Short Message", there is no response ?
Still unvailable, anticipating soon.

Why i cannot go into dancing pad area ?
Please plug-in the Super Dancer Online dancing pad into the game.

How do i kick out others from my game room ?
Double click on the foot of the person (stage) that you want to kick, and the person will immediately kicked out. (Only room owner has this ability)

Why cannot recording video?
Video recording still unavailable, anticipating soon.

Why my avatar looks fat?
This is one of the uniqueness of Super Dancer Online, as Super Dancer Online recommends healthy Internet surfing, has introduced the dancing pad game as an idea of losing weight, and this is why the body of your avatar will never be the same, if you seldom exercise, your avatar will gain weight.

How do I know who is the game room owner?
Inside the game room, the room owner's head has white stars floating down, while others has snow flakes on their head.

System Recommendation

Minimum Recommendation
OS 98/ME/2000/XP 98/ME/2000/XP
CPU Pentium III 1G Celeron 2G
Memory 256 512
Graphics Card Geforce2 32MB

Geforce4 64MB

DirectX DirectX 9.0c DirectX 9.0c
Sound Card DirectX Compatible DirectX Compatible
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