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Teach the rookies and become a grandmaster!
From now on, you have the opportunity to gain even more EXP within the matches. Already reached level 13 in S4 League? Then here’s how it works. There are two ways to benefit from the Combi Mode:
You can play together in the same room with a friend who has also reached level 13 yet, with active Combi Mode function. That gives about 3 percent EXP on top, for both of you.
You can play together with friends who haven’t reached level 13 so far. The moment one of them reaches the next level thanks to playing with you, you as the Combi Master advance to the next level. The highest level to reach is level 36.
Become a grandmaster!
In order to play in Combi mode together, simply meet in the lobby, activate the Combi Mode and enter a room together. It works with a maximum of five Combi players of which everyone who reaches level 13 shifts you one level towards your aim: Becoming a grandmaster! And for some reason, you want others to instantly recognize your status as a grandmaster. They will, because there are special Combi Master clothes to befit your rank.
All right? Then let's go, ally!

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