Rusty Hearts - Quests

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Quests drive your progress through the city of Bramunez.

As the team of specialists arrives on the scene, it is 6 days before the Golden Seal team's full-scale invasion of Castle Curtis and their attempt to finish off Vlad once and for all. Before that day comes, it is your duty to scout the castle, learn its secrets and foil the plots of Vlad's minions as they seek to escape through the barriers or commit other nefarious deeds. You will have the chance to get to know the citizens of Bramunez, to help them where you can and to become stronger along the way.

Some quests advance the story along and even reveal secrets about your own character's past. Others teach you about the world around you, about the history of Bramunez and its citizens. And others still challenge you to be the baddest monster fighter Rumania has ever seen. Whatever your preference, quests are the best way to make sure you're rewarded for all your hard work.

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