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My Room

Everyone needs a place to call home.

Everyone needs a break from the bustle of the big city and the stresses of battle. The My Room feature gives you a personal space within the city to store items and collect your thoughts.

It also serves as a fast-travel hub so you can reach all the areas you've already discovered quickly and conveniently. Every time you enter the land of Rumania you will start in your Room. Where you go from there is up to you.


Auction House

Have some extra gear you want to cash in on? See something you like? The Auction House is your one-stop shop to getting what you want.

Sometimes you may not want to dismantle a high quality item and the price local merchants are offering just doesn't cut it. In these situations, the Auction House is your best bet.

Place items up for sale, search for good deals and try to get that winning bid as you try to get the most coins for your wares and the best bang for your buck.

All items and money are delivered through the mail system, so don't worry about clogging your inventory when you find some good buys. Just snatch them up before someone else does and sort through them at your leisure.






Behind every great warrior is a great Guild. Guild up and get back in the fight.

If you've got a group of people you enjoy playing with, why not start a guild? Speak to Major Nadia in her office in the Shopping District, pick a guild name and you're ready to rule over your friends and allies with an iron fist!

Members of a guild can enter their own private Guild Hall to chat, trade and form guild groups. They can also make donations in the form of money or goods added to the Guild Warehouse or experience that contributes to the Guild Level. Guild Experience is acquired by all characters within a guild and doesn't affect the amount of experience you receive toward your level. It is a separate system that rewards guilds with many active members, allowing them to contribute toward leveling up their guild. As guilds increase in level, they gain benefits such as an increase in total members allowed in the guild.



Cash Box

This is where your Cash Box items go until you're ready to use them.

Every good adventurer is a packrat at heart, so naturally inventory space is always at a premium. That's why Rusty Hearts has a special inventory system for all Marketplace purchases. Items are sent to your Cash Box to allow you to purchase what you want, when you want it, without having to worry about clearing space for it while you're in the middle of a fight or a conversation with friends.

Party System

Need some help with a pesky dungeon? Party up with a group of friends and bring the pain en masse.

With all your fellow Rusty Hearts players spread out across dozens of channels, forming a party of players near your level who are looking to throw down in the same dungeon can be tricky. Luckily, the party system interface is here to make ganging up on Vlad's minions hassle-free!

Start your own party, alone or with friends, and select the level range and dungeon you plan on entering. When other players find your party in the interface, they can join up and are instantly shifted over to your channel, making it easy to get right into the action.





Friends List

Add the friends you like, and block the chumps you don't.

Did you enjoy grouping with someone? Did they know right when to toss out a heal or buff? Or maybe they would mercilessly hunt down enemy archers before they started pelting you with arrows? Add them to your Friend's list and it'll be easy to team up with them in the future. Having people in your Friend's List allows you to see when they're online and makes sending them mail and inviting them to parties a breeze.

On the other hand, if someone is snatching up all the weapons they can't even use and not pulling their weight, don't be shy to add them to your Blocked Players list. It may be harsh, but when battling baddies through the halls of Curtis Castle, you need someone you can trust to have your back!


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