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Rosh Online: The Return of Karos Synopsis

Cafenril, A Forgotten Land in a Forgotten Era

In the Broccion Continent, there were four races that freely used the power of magic. They each developed their civilization in different parts of the continent and expanded until they faced each other in the center of the continent. Unfortunately, the differences in their appearances, culture and magic made them fear one another. This eventually led to a religious conflict, which resulted in an ongoing war.

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New lives were born during the long war. The children who were born in the center of the contienet amidst the war had access to all four cultures. They could not understand the meaning of this war or why everyone had to kill each other for their differences. And so they combined forces to bring peace to the world. The leaders of this group were called Rosh. Because they were familiar with each race's strengths and weaknesses, they used this knowledge to their advantage and weaknesses. Moreover, their plea for peace won the sympathy and support of many who were exhausted from the long war.

After unifying the center of the continent, they established the Kingdom of Asmara. It seemed as though the continent was finally in peace.

After some time has passed, some have forgotten their original purpose.
Asmara was governed by a king selected from the Rosh Council. The Ismaul clan, who has never had a king selected from its clan, was displeased with the selection process.
Finally, after 100 years, a king was selected from the Ismaul clan. The clan abused its power to frame and purge its rival clans, as well as abolishing the council. They then declared themselves as the only royal clan.

A long fight ensued between the Ismaul Royal Clan and its opponents. Amidst this chaos, rebels showed up everywhere and tried to take power by force. Even the homogenous states that lost the war to Asmara started invading them. Once again, the continent faced another war.

And so the people began to miss the leadership of Rosh and their pursuit for peace. They are now waiting for a new Rosh to end this world of chaos.

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Game Info

Enjoy a true MMORPG experience with Rosh!
An Ultra-fast Level Up System!

With Rosh, you can enjoy seeing your character grow in a system of ultra-fast level ups and quick job changes. An ode to heros in a vast world! Thy world is waiting for a new Rosh to rule over them. Start your adventure and venture into dozens of different worlds.

Indulge in EID!

All MMORPG dungeon systems are covered! Along with the standard dungeon system, we offer a new type of excitement with EID(Extreme Instance Dungeon), where you can battle amongst other users in your level group and hunt for monsters.

Less Work, More Rewards!

Players can grow faster through quests. There are both standard and special quests that you can constantly benefit from. A navigator will guide you to your destination.

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Gears, Gears and More Powerful Gears!

Obtain gears from activities such as hunting, fishing or mining. You can also obtain powerful and unique gears that can be combined with items to make you stronger.

Fun and Exciting!

Show how strong your guild is in the guild wars! The heroes will compete against one another in the Arena system and siege warfare!

This is what heroes are made from!

Don't just tame your pet. Grow your pet however you want. Your pet will help you recover HP and loot items. There are many vehicles available to make your characters move faster and stronger.

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System Configuration

OS Windows XP / Vista / Window 7
CPU Inter Core Tm2 Duo E6700(2.66HZ) above
RAM 1GB above
Hard Drive 5G above
Video Geforce FX6200 / Radeon 9600 above

Closed Beta

Rosh Online: The Return of KAROS Closed Beta will start on November 28, 2011 at 5:00 PM PST, please redeem the beta key to secure your spot in Closed Beta.

Here's how to free sign up for closed beta!

- Existing Ignited Games Users: Must log onto the website to be eligible for closed beta.
- New Users: Must register on the website to be eligible for closed beta.

Applications are only available for a limited time. All chosen closed beta testers will receive an email with a beta key by end of November if selected to be part of this exclusive phase.

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