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Developered by MGAME USA.INC, RODE Online is a new Free To Play Fantasy MMORPG.

Storyline of RODE Online

1. War | Dragon War

In the beginning, the great lord dragons Firean, Azurian, and Devilo have existed. They lived amicably and each dominated the world without hindrance.

However hundreds of years ago, the world lost the balance of power due to a rebellion of the dark dragon, Devilo. This caused numerous wars among the dragons. A great number of them were either slayed or never found. This brought much destruction to them, and thus a truce was found almost inevitable.

Each lord dragon traveled back to their territories to prepare for a new future.

RODE - Official CG Trailer

2. Rise | Opening of The Gate of Dimension

Even though there were no traces left behind from Devilo, his plan was later revealed. Devilo’s plan was to dominate the world by opening the gate of dimension. For thousands of years all have known this gate as the one that cannot be opened.

By this moment, Azurian and Firean have already stepped out of hibernation to defend the world against Devilo

3. Triber | Cooperate With Tribes

Besides dragons, many different tribes lived in the world but were gone or mutated into strange inhabitants due to the tribulation of the dragon war. Since then, only Orial, Asarai, Halfkin, Kaebi, Shedi, and Sinkong have been seen living in the world.

Dragons have planned to gain the support of the tribes to gather power and strength. So they began to guard 6 tribes and the tribes soon came to respect and worship the dragons.

4. Clouds of War | No More Compromise

Feral, once a pure and prosperous land was slowly deteriorating from infectious diseases. Inhabitants began to die and disappear, and in its weakened state, Feral was subjected to constant attacks by dangerous monsters.

Meanwhile, there were no more compromises made among the tribes who were highly affected. Tribe leaders who realized how serious the circumstances were traveled afar to find the primary cause.

Eventually, they found out the truth. Devilo, the great lord dragon has been determined as the one who caused these great obstructions. As a result, the tribes decided to form an alliance between the two remaining great dragons, Firean and Azurian.

According to their ideology, this was the beginning of combat against Devilo and his army.

Game Features

1. Main System
Dragon Riding System

Players can take part in aerial combat as they ride their dragons in the sky.

Castle Siege

Players can conquer and seize castles located in the Piral continent.

Region War

Players can take part in massive PvP battles known as the Region War, where Azurian and Firean fight each other for domination.

Complex Class System

Players can choose one out of four classes.

They can also choose one special characteristic between 2 different ones to build their character.

Crafting System

Players can obtain various materials through hunting, gathering, and fishing. They can craft gear, accessories, or buffs, upgrade, and fusion items using these crafting materials. There are 4 types of crafting skills: Metalworking, Jewel crafting, Alchemy, and Tailoring. A character can learn one of the crafting skills and continue to upgrade the skill to create rare items that cannot be obtained easily in the game otherwise.

Deablo System

Monsters will randomly attack players' castles to create tension.

Item Socketing

Item Socketing System allows players to add stats to their weapon or gear using a special material known as “Vid”. There are many different Vids in the world, and each Vid contains a different stat that can be added onto weapons or gear.

Players can upgrade their items at the Socketing NPC in town.
2. Mount

- Players can ride mounts to increase their movement speed.
- Mounts can be obtained through shops, quests, and hunting monsters.
- To ride a mount, players need to learn the skill that allows players to summon a mount.
- Players can purchase the skill from the mount merchants or by completing a quest.

3. Upgrade

Upgrade System allows players to raise the ability of their weapons or gears and also gives glow effects to the weapon by using upgrade scrolls. With this, players are stronger than others in battle or PVP.

4. Quest

There are a variety of quests for each level in the game. When players complete the quests, they will receive a specific reward.

5. Magic Box

With the Magic Box, players will no longer need to make the long trip to town and get rid of unwanted items in their inventory to make space. The Magic Box fuses miscellaneous items to create something that may be much more useful.

6. Box Monster

Players may obtain recovery potions, gears, and crafting items through monster hunting but at times a box monster that looks exactly like it may appear. Remember, it won’t be as easy to kill because it is created much stronger than regular monsters.


Auto Slot

Players may add a skill or a weapon they want to easily equip into the auto slot.The auto slot is between the character’s HP bar and MP bar located on the bottom of the game screen.When you double click a monster, the skill or the weapon that is in the auto slot will be automatically activate and attack the monsters. (A potion or buff item cannot be added)

RODE Online CBT has ended, while facebook giveaway event from Dec.23th to Jan.20th, 2012(4 weeks only), check out! Anymore,The developers are releasing the game in English so that everyone in the world can enjoy it, be Patient.

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For more details, please visit the official website.

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