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Regnum is a uniquely balance game that allows you both intensely competitive PvP (Player vs Player) gaming as well as deeply engaging PvE (Player vs Environment) gaming. This means that you can choose your style of playing simply by how you play in Regnum.

Each realm in Regnum is a region of the world that is for the most part inhabited by allied players. Each realm or zone is then further segregated by walls, bridges and water that separate more challenging game playing.

The first area of a realm is the beginner stage where you can safely explore. The towns will hold quests that will teach you about the game while explaining the mystery of your realm. You can choose to play quests in this area or explore on your own and grow your character.

The next level of game play is a tougher zone with more challenging questing and hostile creatures. You can choose to follow the story and quests to further develop your character or you can join friends and parties to attack the hostile creatures while exploring the rest of the region.

Once you feel up to it, you can cross into the War zone. This area gives you access to the PvP areas. It is here that the three realms clash in open war. Here is when you will most likely join a clan and choose to defend the forts and castles of your land or lead attacks on enemy forts and castles.

You can always move between the zones and regions to play Regnum the way you choose.


Once you have chosen your realm and created your character you will find yourself in the initiation summit of the initiation zone of your realm. Here you can get familiar with playing Regnum.

Learn the basics:
Read the tips as they pop up to get familiar. Be sure to talk to the characters that you meet. They will help you get started and point you in the right direction. To learn more about the controls in Regnum, click here to read the "Interface" section.

Take note of your compass in the top right of the interface. You will want to keep an eye on this as you move around the board to help get familiar with where you are going, where you have been, and where you want to get to.

Take on some quests:
Talk to the characters you meet and take on some quests to learn about the world and how to find the things you need.

Don't forget to heal your character. Your character will naturally regain health and mana even when walking with a drawn weapon. You can regain your health quicker and still move your character by putting away your weapon while moving. To regain your characters health the quickest, click on the kneeling icon on your action bar at the bottom of your interface but make sure you are in a safe place because you won't be able to fight from the ground.

Talk to other players:
You can communicate to other players simply by pressing the enter button, then typing in the message window generally in the bottom left of your screen, and pressing enter. You will see your message show up in the chat box, and over your character's head. You can select different chat boxes using the mouse. Local refers to people in your vicinity, global refers to the entire game world, party refers to those among your party, clan refers to those in your clan, and a players name refers to only that player.


The PvP aspect of Regnum is the highly competitive gaming side of Regnum. Most players, even heavy PvE players, will find themselves having fun with the PvP element of Regnum. There are a variety of PvP aspects to Regnum to offer a full range of PvP game play.

You will find Arenas in the safe zones of each realm. These Arenas allow players from the same realm to duel in a safe area without any punishment for losing.

PvP areas of the game are in dedicated areas of the game world. For the most part battling and realm conflicts take place in the conflict zone which is accessible by passing through the third divider in your realm. The conflict zone is an area of land that touches each of the warring realms. It is here that you can be killed by any players from other realms.

Unique to Regnum, and at the core of the PvP gaming, are your realm's strongholds. These can be your realms forts, castles, and other structures. These structures are strategic points that are key to your realms survival. Therefore you will need to work together with other players to both protect your structures as well as attack and take control of your enemies structures. To add a level of competitiveness to the PvP experience, the status of your kingdom and what realms hold what strongholds is displayed on the website on the "War Status%u201D page.

Regnum points:
Points awarded to players who do great deeds for their realm. These deeds include defeating an enemy player from an opposing realm. All realm points are tracked and ranked on the regnum website.

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