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Recently, Ray City SEA Online extended the event - "Sign Up for Ray City and Receive 1,000 @Cash Instantly" to attract more players in South East Asia, and it will end on 31st May, 2010. If you want to join Ray City, don't be so hurry. The brief information below will let you get the map of it.

Note: Main information come from Wikipedia.

Ray City Online is a free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Racing Game. The game is developed by EA Seoul Studio, a studio of Electronic Arts Inc. It was first released in Korea by Pmang back in 2006. 9you publishes the game in China and Hong Kong in Chinese, while Goldensoft publishes the game in Thailand. The game is also published by M-etel in Taiwan. Ray City will be published in South East Asia by the publishing company, Asiasoft Online in English in 2010.


The game presents its map and race tracks of Seoul Korea with every street, sign, building, landmark and phone booth accurately represented in the game.

Quests and Missions

Ray City features many quests and missions for players to challenge with to obtain experience to unlock new cars and map areas. It also allows you to obtain new skills and items which will increase the potential of the car. Each of these missions requires a different quest or condition given by the individual passenger that players need to fulfill. To receive the reward of items and experience points, racers will need to pass through stipulated courses before reaching the final destination.

The game features missions which requires photo taking as well. Racers will have to go through the city in search of the zones to capture picturesque shots of the city. n Chase and Road Rage Missions, racers have to race against a computer targeted car, not to obtain the first place, but to knock down the car to decrease its Health Points (HP). The game ends when the target car's HP decreases to zero.

Party Missions are missions which allows players to accomplish missions together for rewards. There are a total of 3 kinds of missions, namely Party Delivery, Party Chase and Party Elite. In Party Delivery missions, close co-operation between party members is essential to deliver the goods to the Non-Playing Character (NPC) on time.

Racing Mode

Racing mode allows racers to select or create rooms to race with their friends or other racers. This racing mode is a track racing mode which allows up to 20 players to compete at the same time. Racers get to choose between the different modes of 'Single', 'Team' and 'Guild' matches.

Single matches allows racers to race against each other individually, while in Team matches racers in teams of up to 10 players race against each other as a team, and the winner team is determined by the team which has the higher number of points in the end of the race. Guild matches features races whereby guilds battle against one another. Upon completion of races, racers will earn Racing Points (RP) to exchange for other useful items. Race winners will also receive special quest items.

Speed Racing Mode

Held twice daily, a huge group of racers will be able to race together in this competition mode. Before the start of the race, the start and end points will be broadcast to all online racers in game. Racers can also experience spectacular driving effects that are unique only to this mode.

Also in this mode, racers have a chance of winning valuable items by simply finishing in the top percentile of the final winners' table.

Guild System

Racers will be able to join different guilds or racing clubs. These racing clubs will be able to control a particular territory. They will be able to expand the club with bingo cards and take up even more territories.

Guilds or Clubs that control a particular territory will be able to receive taxes, rare items and other benefits from the previous controllers. This means that when other racers enter the guild's territory, they will have to pay taxes.

Race Skills

The game uses the leveling up system which allows racers to improve their car's performance and learn new skills. Drifting, power boosting, jumping, sliding, burn out start and sudden stop are some of the skills that will be available as you work your way up the levels.

Car Customizations

Racers will be able to choose a model from an array of cars for themselves. Racers can acquire items to modify the car body parts to make it look better, and optimize the engine in order to get the driving power to conquer against others in the game.

Body parts can be purchased using cash or earned through special quests. Players can work on with their car's exterior looks with decals, paints, rims and accessories that can be purchased or obtained through quests.


Trading System

Players are able to trade items with the trading system in game. Players will be able to trade certain equipments which are very rare, or also items which can be obtained from difficult quests. You can perform a 1:1 trade by using Rain(in-game currency) to trade items with other players, or trade an item for another item.

Auction House

The game features an auction house which allows players to place their items they wish to sell in, and allow players who wishes to purchase them to place a bid, and the highest bidder will obtain the item.

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