Ray City Guide

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When you enter the world of RayCitySEA, you will find yourself in the beginner area. To get yourself started, here are some tips to help you through the first few levels in your new racing career!

Use The In-Game Help Menu

The in-game help system is designed to guide you through the basics of RayCity's interface and game mechanics. Press [F9] for the in-game control guide to pop up.

Learn The Controls

Familiarizing yourself with the game interface is the first step to winning the game. If you’re unsure how to control your vehicle, go to the Help menu [F1] in the Options menu. Besides changing how you move your character, you can change any key binding to suit your driving style.

Load up Your Questlog


Quest givers have exclamation marks over their heads. As you explore your surroundings, remember to check for these exclamation marks in your vicinity!

Do pick up as many quests that have their objectives in a particular area. To check your quest list and the quest objectives, hit your “L” key to bring up your quest log.

Leveling up

Every time your character gains a level, your stats will increase. For every even-numbered level, your character gains access to new skills this will be displayed at your skill tab.

Storage Space

Addtional inventory slots will be a premium in the early levels. Your initial available inventory slot holds up to 30 items. However, these slots may be filled up faster than you realize!

To unload equipment and car parts and store them for future usage, you access a garage at any Town. In addition, you can acquire more slots for your character by buying slots from the cash shop in the near future.

Communicationg with Other Players

Communication is one of the core elements of RayCity. To speak to players in your immediate vicinity, hit the "Enter" button to type your message, and then hit "Enter" again. Players near you will be able see your message.

Making friends with others will definitely increase your game enjoyment and aid your character in many ways, including teaming up for higher level quests.

System Requirement

Hardware Basic requirements Recommended requirements
CPU P4 - 1.8GHz P4 - 2.4GHz
Memory 512MB 1GB
Display card GeForce 5200,
Radeon 9600
GeForce 5700,
Radeon 9800
Graphics DirectX 9.0c
Sound card DirectSound
Hard disk 3GB
Mouse/Keyboard Normal
System Windows 2000 or up Windows XP or up

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