Ran Online Combat Section

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Combat Section

The characters of combat section are hardly seen in other fantasy games, this is a character that fights base on their bare hands. By looking at the outlook of the characters, it looks like those modern day gangsters. By using their hands, feet and body as the fundamental skills, base on the form of development, players can become the Martial Expertise that fight with QiGong or just with bare hands & feet.

The Qi gathering time for the characters from the combat section are shorter, therefore it can perform higher dexterity skills as compared to other societies.
When the character practice their [Fist] to be the mastery skill, those it can have a very quick attack mode, but the attacking power is lower. Whereby for character who master the [Leg] skill, though the speed is slower, but it can produce very powerful attack; besides if a character develop to the stage that master the [QiGong], it speed of attack is slower, but the attack range and power are much greater and forcible.

Sword Section

The typical Sword Warrior is representing the characters in Sword Section; good in close range attack, and they consist very high HP and attack power. The tools used in Sword Section are basically split into two major categories, [Sword] and [Dagger]. Depends on which weapon used by a player, the character in the Sword Section will develop into different kind with different skills.

Character that uses [Sword] in the Sword section, will mostly be affected by strength and dexterity, this is due to the [Sword] tools requirement value are closely related to the strength and dexterity of one character. Because the concentration on the dexterity increase, naturally the scale of strength will be lower than character that uses [Dagger]. Even though it is kind of weak in the attacking part, but the defense power and accuracy will be higher, and when reach the higher level the characters will possess numerous skills.

Character that uses [Dagger] in the Sword Section, must concentrate on the development of Strength because the requirements of tools used are base on the Strength of one character. When all the points are pumps into Strength, the character will be extremely damaging, but at the early stage the growth is very difficult (attack is inaccurate due to low dexterity), and the defense power is also lower than the character tat uses sword

Archery Section

The characters in Archery Section are being represented by the typical Archer's image in all online games, As compared with Sword Section, this character is good at long range attack, though he HP is lesser, the attack power is more powerful.

Just like Sword Section, the characters in Archery Section are being divided into different kinds base on the weapons use (long Bow and Short Bow) by one character.

The minimum damages in Short Bow is greater, where else the maximum damages for Long Bow is longer, but the difference is not much, hence in Archery Section the characters are mostly with high dexterity, defense power and a high shooting rate.

QiGong Section

Characters in QiGong Section are different from the Mage characters in other online games, even though this character is very strong in attacking and facilitate others, but it also uses weapons that look like spears from the Sword Section. Therefore it is being divided into different types like Spears, Magic Attack, and Facilitate Magic kind of characters.

There are 2 types of weapons used, which are Spear and Wand. If player select Spear, it will produce a very strong object attack power when the Spear is used, but then the character won't be able to cast any attack spells. If uses wand though the object attack power is lower, but character can still use all sorts of attack spells and defense spells. Based on the game play, there is a significant difference between using the Spear and Wand, that's why it is a class that is harder for new players to grasp.

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