Monsters in Raiderz

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RaiderZ Monster Profiles

The land of Rendel has been terrorized by ferocious and corrupt beasts. These behemoths have slain many brave heroes. Those who dare challenge these epic monsters should be cautious of their attacks. Do NOT hunt these deadly creatures alone.

Here are a few monsters that have been discovered in Rendel.


Location: The Broken Mast

Known Weak Points: Legs

Known Attacks: Blinding mists and stabbing claws.

Description: This large crab-like monster has a thick armored shell with just a few weak points. Be sure to aim for these critical areas.


Location: Teress Plain

Known Weak Points: Tails

Known Attacks: Claw swipes, deadly pounces, and the ability to summon a wolf pack.

Description: This three-tailed wolf roams the area known as Teress Plain. Fleetfoot is the alpha wolf to the entire wolf pack of Teress Plain. This massive wolf is known to prey on farm animals.


Location: Teress Plain

Known Weak Points: Fangs

Known Attacks: Poisonous bites and paralyzing webs.

Description: Found in the Tranquil Forests of Teress Plain, this gigantic spider guards her precious eggs. Her poisonous bite is known to inflict tremendous amounts of pain.


Location: Rengot Village

Known Weak Points: Backpack

Known Attacks: Charging attacks and club smashes.

Description: This large Ogre is the defensive mercenary for the Rengot Goblin Tribe. He wields a large, wooden club.


Location: Rengot Village

Known Weak Points: Powered gem stone

Known Attacks: Grappling throws and jumping attacks.

Description: A large stone creature has been brought to life by the Rengot Goblin tribe. The Goblin Golem is controlled by a Rengot Bombardier who rides the beast. The Golem's rock-hard defense is powered by the gem in its chest.


Location: Contaminated Garden

Known Weak Points: Root and Flower Petals

Known Attacks: Acid spit and thorns.

Description: Located in the heart of the Contaminated Garden, the Master of the Garden is a ferocious beast. The ability to bury her rooted tail into the ground generates health.

These are not the only beasts that roam Rendel. It is rumored that there are stronger and deadlier creatures that await your challenge...

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