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RaiderZ Overview

Raiderz Teaser Trailer

RaiderZ, a new 3D Monster Hunter Frontier Online-like action MMO developed by Korea-based MAIET and published by Neowiz Games.The title "RaiderZ" derived from the word "Raiders" like invaders. Just as GunZ, its "s" is replaced with "Z" and it represents our newest brand.

Experience the heart-pounding thrill of the hunt where the line between hunter and hunted quickly blurs. Track down colossal-sized monsters online in an open world that is as beautiful as it is deadly. Will you discover the origins of the monsters' invasion and where their taste for human flesh comes from? In an exotic land overrun by hideous creatures, the country of Rendel has put out a call to all able-bodied adventurers. Know your enemies and choose wisely your allies. Many have perished before you.

hunt together,Or die alone!


The gameplay is based on what's recently called the "Non-Targeting". This is not to go along with the recent game trend in Korea but as described before we wanted to make a "MMORPG like GunZ". "MMORPG like GunZ" doesn't necessarily mean that the characters should run along the wall or does k-style - Yes, you cannot do that in RaiderZ. It is a gameplay which requires user's skill and control to hit and evade as shown on the screen at the mouse cursor less environment. Our development team had to struggle for quite some time due to the inconvenience and lack of immediacy and the difficulty of development of the "Non-Targeting" feature.


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Artisan System-No Any Reward for Quests

The monsters or quests won't give any equipment or money as reward. Even the shops will have limited types of items and the users will have to find the "Artisan" NPCs to acquire the items.

One can only create a finished item through NPC and this is what we call "Artisan" system. There are hundreds of Artisans all over the world of RaiderZ. They all have items that they specialize so the players will want meet more Artisans in order to make the items that they want.

The Artisans can provide to the players Recipes that contain information or required materials of each different items and can create them for you if you have all the materials for it.

But the Artisans are not boring NPCs that are standing on the middle of the map on their own. Some Artisans only produce the items when the player finishes certain quest. And some Artisans only appear under certain condition, for example there is an Artisan that only appears on rainy evening and disappears on dawn.

There are even some artisans that only appear inside dungeons so the player need to clear that dungeon in order to meet those artisans.And also the players need to raise faction in order for the Artisans to make you an item.


Unique Character System-No Class System

There are no class system. But among over 350 skills(for Open Beta version) the users can use points to the skills that the user wish to learn and create a character of their own.

Instead of classes, there are only style options in the game, such as defensive style, high-attack style, healing style, rogue style, mage style and so on. Therefore, it is not surprising to see a character wearing plate armor but using magic or a character using both huge swords and healing skills. Certainly, players are allowed to dedicate to one style, but they can also combine more styles as they wish.


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Battle Armed with Extreme Action

All the battle actions such as attacking or evading happen by the player directly and in real time at MMORPG environment. Such features like "Random" or "Auto Play" are practically excluded from the game. Our ultimate goal is to create a dynamic and highly intensive battle.

On the basic game screen, the mouse curser is not displayed and movements such as block or evade are only possible under direct control of the player.

Such style of game is not unusual on action genre but RaiderZ is an MMORPG game which can support hundreds of players in one field and that make it very unique game. In other words, RaiderZ is different from other action games which only support few party members to play in an instant dungeon.

The size of one field is approx 1 km by 1 km and there will be 26 of these field released for the open beta test.

User's Competitive System Combined With the Story

In Rendel, there are many clans who work together or fight against the humans upon their interest.

Some of them are in opposition to each other for some reason and the players might get involved in their war during the gameplay. By siding with one clan, not just PvE environment changes but also it gets possible to PK with other players who have allied with the opposite clan.

We call this Quest PvP system and the peculiarity of this system is that the player doesn't need to choose a side at the point of creation but it is based on faction to give unique entertainment. This means that if the player no longer wants to be sided with the clan he or she is currently siding now, the player can take certain actions so the opponent clan feels friendly toward the player to reverse the faction and change the ally. Since the conflict forces are set differently according to the maps, today's ally may become tomorrow's foe.

In order to create PvP system that one can enjoy without any burden, we have created so the participants won't necessarily show their real appearance during the quest PvP inside the game and cannot chat against the opponent team. Also the conflict won't occur all over the map but just at certain points on the map so it won't ruin your play of PvE.

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Epic Monsters

The game play mainly consists of fighting against large monsters called "Epic Monsters". This doesn't mean that there are only large monsters in the game. Like other MMORPG games, the users can fight against small & regular sized monsters and there are many quests related to those monsters. But as the game systems, the game leads to have battles with large monsters and our goal is to be fun even just with that.

Choose a force, join PVP

With the increase of player's level, players will go through PVP more frequently. When they hit Level 20, they can go to the PVP region and choose one of the forces which can help them eliminate enemies and develop their characters. In addition, RaiderZ will provide an arena where players have the chance to show off their powerful skills.


CPU Intel dual-core 3.0 GHz
System Window XP or higher
VGA Geforce 8800 or higher
RAM 2GB or more
HDD 6GB or more

For more information about RaiderZ, please visit:Story,Epic Monsters.

Players who are interested in the game can sign up for CBT at the official site.

*notice:Thank the players put forward problems,The specification has been updated.

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