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Invasion by the "OTHERS" - No one exactly knew who they were.

The fall of human beings had begun by invasion of the others as known as "Narak". The devastated world has remained chaotic for a century since their first strike. The tragic event has generated a great number of mutated creatures caused by unknown viral plague, and even worse was all of them came under Narak's command. Shadow government, the only elite resistance troops having fought until the last, was nothing but merely a weak prey of Narak.

Birth of New Civilization - Elkana, the Beautiful Battle Machine loyal to Brahmans

Yet, not every single effort has gone in vain. Elka system designed to secure human genes was about to begin its operation in the deep underground where Narak's recon didn't reach. With the help of the super A.I computer "Mother", the system had finally launched and the entire world was getting ready for an unprecedentedly massive counterattack.

Queens Blade will launch its first closed beta test in Q1 2012.

Queens Blade - Story Movie

The War

War Wasn't About Destruction but Resurrection.

Secure the Soil----
Conflict between the two Brahman factions was inevitable. Losing the war wasn't an option to either of them. The victor overcome extremeness of warfare was always given the right to shout freedom, whereas the defeated had to lose everything and learn their limit.

Maximizer System

Maximizing Psychic Force

Elkana's War Machine, the Ultimate Combination of Soul and Mechanism


Defender's Maximizer - To the Maximum Power

Typhoon, Defender's Maximizer, is designed to reflect its physical power to the maximum efficiency. The machine is geared with generators on top of its shoulders supplying extra power. As the heaviest armor among all, it has shown greater ability in physical offense and defense than mobility. One of the strongest features is the Dual-armor system which consists of Air-packed and Reflective armor shells.


The Speedy and Sneaky Maximizer of Shadow Walker

Kentauros, Shadow walker's Maximizer, has four legs unlike other machines and is good at close-range combat. As it's designed particularly for strong mobility and offense power, its armor usually shows lower durability than the others. Additionally, it is adapted with Air-packed armor system. Thanks to the Air-packed armor, it could remarkably reduce its weight and hence boost up the speed.


Whipper's Maximizer with Magnificent Strength

Vritra is a machine for Whipper class. It has most flexible body among all machines letting it capable of dealing AE damages with a whip. Other distinctive feature is that the machine is equipped with boosters unlike other machines. As it has an extra small generator solely for Chain Sword, its overall body is quite heavy which makes the machine move pretty slow.


Punisher's Maximizer with Deadly Firepower

Ymir is Punisher's machine specifically designed to use mid-long range strike. For its supportive role in cooperative campaigns, the machine was chosen to maximize its firepower instead of durability and mobility. As a result, Ymir is one of the most vulnerable machines but it provides the strongest firepower in the team.


Centinel's Maximizer with Heavy Gunfire

As Centinel's Maximizer, Gigantes is a machine specialized in close-range combat assisting team's barrage. For combat efficiency, it adopted Dual armor system which provides stronger defense than other long-range combat machines. The munitions used with Gatling gun, its primary weapon, are powerful enough to add significant firepower to the team.


Medic's Maximizer with Healing Ability

Danu has a generator that can create Nano machine and it gives a variety of options to avail in the team's combat strategy. However, it had to lessen its armors because the generator took pretty much of its overall weight. For this reason, Danu has a lot weaker combat ability than other Maximizers. Though, it can survive as long as other Maximizers thanks to the machine's self recovery function.

Powered Armor

Powered Armor - Elkana's Advanced War Suit

The original form of Powered Armor had the weakest point in its mobility. It couldn't even catch up the speed of bare Elkana. It was obvious the suit needed improvement badly so engineers have been working to make the enhancement. At the moment, only a few Elkanas are being supplied with Psychic Force applied Maximizing Kits, which makes a good reason Powered Armor is still a must for majority of them to carry out their missions.

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