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Primal Carnage-Feature

Primal Carnage is an asymmetrical online-multiplayer class-based game of humans versus dinosaurs. Choose to play as either side and prepare to engage in a heart-pounding, fun, and visceral experience of combat, stealth, strategy, and survival. Hunt and be hunted.
Join the Mercenaries and thrill in the suspense of overcoming a hostile environment. Be the Dinosaur to stalk and terrorize your prey.

Key Game Features

  • Every class can trump another specific class on the other team in a rock paper scissors fashion.
  • The human team plays in the first person perspective, while the dinosaurs play in the third person perspective.
  • All game types are tailored so that players MUST work together to survive, or overcome the opposing team.
  • Primal Carnage is one of the few games based around Dinosaurs.
  • Team focused online gameplay.
  • Long term support with DLC.
  • Arcade style fun that's simple and easy to pick up and play at any time.


More Details

  • Large open environments
  • 5 playable human classes with unique weaponry
  • 5 playable dinosaur classes with unique abilities
  • 5 multiplayer levels
  • Achievements
  • Multiplayer game modes
  • Interactive NPCs
  • and much more...

Game Objective

Primal Carnage is a multiplayer First Person Shooter where players must work as a team to complete game mode dependant objectives.

Game Modes


The human Mercenaries play from a standard first-person perspective, relying on their weapons and teammates to survive the hostile environment. They move together from objective to objective, eliminating anything that threatens them and their mission.

The Dinosaurs play from a third-person perspective, employing an awareness of their surroundings and their own natural abilities to hunt their prey. Each predator hunts differently, and feels at home as it stalks through the jungles, fields, or skies.


The Mercenary team has been dispatched to reclaim the island by getting to and holding the abandoned facilities which are spread throughout the maps. However, the humans must pass through the primal wilderness to reach these locations, and it's in the jungles and tall grasses where the Dinosaurs intend to stop them.


Player Comments

-I must say I was awestruck with how simply fun and gorgeous the game is even in this alpha/pre-alpha stage.I'm glad I stumbled into it my first day because I just kept coming back and telling everyone about how awesome it was.

-I played this game at PAX West on Sunday. That was the first I'd heard of it but who can resist a game where you get to be a dinosaur?! So here I am to say that I enjoyed my ten minutes of game play tremendously and I'm looking forward to owning this game!

-The little bit of the demo I did play was fun and very entertaining. I've never had as much fun as I did pouncing on humans. Randomly shouting out clever girl. Luke Warm Media has a lot of potential with this game and if what they had at the show was that much fun and challenging I can't wait for the final product. While the release is unknown at this time. I dare to say that it will be better than Team Fortress two. The Multiplayer and the classes impressed me a lot, and it's always fun to play as a T-rex. I am defintely still going to be watching this like a hawk!

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