Phoenix Dynasty Online Features

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Five-Element System

Phoenix Dancing inherits and improves the highly acclaimed Five-Element Promotion and Restriction system from World of Qin 2 and World of Qin. Furthermore, there is permeating throughout the game the concept of "Gifted 5E", "Promotion and Restriction Relationship between 5Es", and the "Training System of 5E Nimbus". The "Gifted 5E" concept enriches the personal characteristics of each character class. The "Promotion and Restriction Relationships between 5Es" are introduced to the production system so that players can first obtain materials from the monsters and then make the products on their own, while the "Training System of 5E Nimbus" is a process of players drawing nimbus from creatures for energy reinforcement so that they can practice and refine their fighting skills.

5 Elements in the Game

•Career path can choose five elements
•Five elements major skills and minor skills
•Five elements quests to get skill books
•Five elements monster and need relevant restricted element weapon to fight with
•Five elements material to help you forging and get senior level items in the game world
•Five elements suits

Forging System

•The forging system is the core system that underlies the World of Qin series, and is also a key play point in Phoenix Dancing. "Forge" means first collecting some material that can be forged, obtaining the attributes that the material holds according to the 5E promotion and restriction relationships, and then importing them into the final item wanted.
•To understand the principles of forging, you must understand material and proficiency.

CMaterial: Material is collected from dead bodies of animals or rare monsters. You can collect materials for weapons, armor, baldrics, and medicines from all monsters. The monsters of the same type might drop different materials. The quality of the materials have three degrees, including white, blue, and green where the white material is of the poorest quality, and it's attributes are consequently the poorest.

CProficiency: Proficiency means the ability of the forging skill. You gain your proficiency when you have forged a finished product, at an indefinite amount each time. From lower to higher, proficiency is divided into different ability levels, called "Forging Level", for which there are ranking tiles for each. The higher your forging level is, the better finished product you will obtain.

Suit System

•The suit is a significant feature in the equipment system of Phoenix Dancing. There are 3 kinds of equipment units that can be combined as a suit with effective suit attributes, these are "Reputation Suit", "Class Title Suit", and "Top Class Suit", with 3 combination forms for each of them, such as a set of 3 units (minor suit attributes), 5 units (middle suit attributes), or 7 units (major suit attributes). A mixture of the above 3 suits units or pure suit units both produce suit attributes.

Mount System Feature

•Have five elements mounts in the game: like C Tiger (Metal), Bull (Wood), Shanyi (Fire), Bear (Earth) etc.
•Mount can add extra attribution for player to protect or fight for players
•Players can fight and PK on the mount
•Mounts have different level

Faction System

•Creating factions and faction colonies
•The faction colony upgrades together with the faction it belongs to.
•Creating faction defensive fortification.
•Faction wars over territories.
•Basic function for future States Wars

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