Phoenix Dynasty Online Character

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•There are four classes in all
•Each class has a male character and a female character.

•Characters in different class and gender have different five-element system attributes (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth). CFor example: A character may be a male paladin, with a Metal attribute under the five-element system.

Assassin (Adept in long distance attack)

Class Overview

Adept in archery and making traps, their quarries can barely escape once they're locked on by an assassin. Despite their weak defense ability, the assassins act as the major force in sneak and guerrilla attacks relying on their excellent abilities in long distance attacking and outstanding moving speed.
Used Weapon: Bows
Gifted Attribute: +10 Dodge than other classes

Paladin (Adept in melee attack)

Class Overview
Adept with swords and in spiritual strength, a paladin has the strongest defensive ability among the four classes. Combined with a comparatively high attacking ability, a paladin can cause sever damage to his enemies in a melee.
Used Weapon: Long Sword, Long Blade
Gifted Attribute: +1 extra Defense than other classes during evel-up.

Priest (Adept in healing)
Class Overview
Adept in summon and auxiliary magic arts, a priest is not good in attacking. However, with the help of the power derived from being connected to the Gods, they are able to cast mighty summon skill and magical healing skill, and consequently they always play a significant role in a team.
Weapon Used: Bead
Gifted Attribute: +5 Special Resistance
Wizard (Adept in magic arts)
Class Overview
Adept with wands, a wizard is weak at defense but with amazingly high attack. It is the only profession can cause mass destruction in game. In challenging the higher level boss, a team can only rely on Wizard. Wizard also has the skill which can decrease the enemy's defense.
Weapon Used: Wand
Gifted Attribute: +1 extra Attack than other classes during level-up.

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