Myrina(Pirate Fleet) 5 Classes Introduction

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With Myrina Closed Beta coming out in Hong Kong, little is known about it. But with the trailer of new classes, much more has been made clear! If you're not familiar with Myrina, look at the trailer and introduction from previously posted news:
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There's the first class 劍門士, the Swordsman Soldier, he relies on swords to inflict quick damage to many monsters, and is capable of quick movement to move from monster to monster. He isn't limited to just one sword, but can even use two!

Myrina Pirate Fleet 5 Classes

The second class 神槍手, the Sharpshooter, capable of sending out a wide variety of ammo, bombs, and even a nice pirate robot to help inflict pain on monsters. He also wears a nice hat.

Myrina Pirate Fleet 5 Classes

The third class is 帝國騎士, the Imperial Knight. Wielding a shield and axe, he can inflict devastating attacks to monsters, or the ground in order for an earth shattering impact.

Myrina Pirate Fleet 5 Classes

The fourth class is 日曜祭司, The Shining Priest. She isn't only capable of casting healing magic, but she can summon fire and bend it to her will in the form of fireballs and fire tornadoes.

Myrina Pirate Fleet 5 Classes

The fifth and class is 風暴使者, the Storm Envoy. Using the might of the storm, the Envoy can cast shocking displays of power and can target multiple monsters with ease. With wind, she can even make monsters levitate into the air, and using both, cause massive destruction.

Myrina Pirate Fleet 5 Classes

By the way, the classes aren't gender-locked. Look at the class trailer for a more detailed look at what each class can do!

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Author: Supermarioz5

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