Mortal Online FAQ

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  1. 1. What is an MMORPG?
  2. 2. What is Mortal Online?
  3. 3. Can I have more than one character on my account?
  4. 4. Will there be different playable races in Mortal Online?
  5. 5. What classes will I be able to play? Are there class restrictions?
  6. 6. How many character levels are there in Mortal Online?
  7. 7. How does the skill system work?
  8. 8. Is Mortal Online another clone of "that game"?
  9. 9. How much will it cost?
  10. 10. What is the PvP like in Mortal Online?
  11. 11. Is there any PvE?
  12. 12. What is Star Vault?
  13. 13. Is this game for the casual or hardcore gamer?
  14. 14. Is Mortal Online comparable to any other game out there?
  15. 15. When will it be released?
  16. 16. Will there be a beta release?
  17. 17. How long has Mortal Online been in development?
  18. 18. What is a Sandbox Game?
  19. 19. What makes Mortal Online different?
  20. 20. Mortal online is "full loot & FFA" - will it be full of griefers?

Q: What is an MMORPG?
A Massively Multiplayer Online Game is a game which allows thousands of concurrent users to connect to one virtual world. The players are able to interact with each other and cooperatively experience the game’s features.

Q: What is Mortal Online?
Mortal Online is a first-person, persistent, fantasy based, sandbox MMOG. It is a semi “low fantasy” setting in which the world, Nave, is imaginary but follows many of the practical rules of our own reality. Crafters will be particularly aware of this as they learn that they will need to study the real world equivalents of their trade to make the highest quality items in game.
Our approach to character creation, character progress and skills are to get away from hours and hours of pointless grinding and quickly immerse you into the community – once there, your real journey begins.

Q: Can I have more than one character on my account?
Yes, each player may create up to 3 characters per account. Mortal Online has been designed so that no one person can be entirely self-sufficient, even with 3 characters. No matter what your specialty, you will still need to interact with other players and rely upon them to supply you with the things you need to do what you do.

Q: Will there be different playable races in Mortal Online?
Yes, there will be different races in the game, each with their own unique characteristics and cultures. More information will be added as the development progresses.

Q: What classes will I be able to play? Are there class restrictions?
There are no traditional classes in Mortal Online. Instead players create their own class templates by selecting and combining skills of their own choosing. Creation backgrounds offer new players a sort of partial, pre-designed template to get them started, but even these are not restricted. Characters can learn new skills at any time. In short, if you start as a melee fighter and decide you wish to become an armor smith instead, you simply “forget” your old skills and learn the new ones. There is no need to delete and recreate your character. As the game matures, there will be class-type options available through NPC trade guilds, where players will have to meet certain criteria to be titled as that specific class. These “classes” may require you to limit your template and sacrifice certain abilities, but in return you’ll benefit from special bonuses that aren’t otherwise available. There will be the traditional warrior, thief and mage types, but there will also be some special titles that are intimately tied to the world lore or reserved for veteran players.

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Q: How many character levels are there in Mortal Online?
There are no levels in Mortal Online, only skills. You are free to travel where you wish, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll make it back alive. You’ll need to possess the skills to survive, and it never hurts to have a friend or two watching your back.

Q: How does the skill system work?
Skills define what you can and cannot do. You may choose any skill you like to build your own custom character, but you have a limited number of points available to spend. Each primary skill has a cap of 100 and each character has a total skill cap of 1000. Some skills have pre-requisites, and some tasks require multiple skills for successful completion.

Q: IS Mortal Online another clone of "that game"?
Definitely not. Mortal Online is a true sandbox game with a focus on a realistic graphic style, complex character skills and player interaction. There are no NPCs or quest lines to direct the action. Decisions made by players determine the outcome of every encounter, and the world changes and reacts dynamically to their actions. Every time you log in you will have a unique experience.

Q: How much will it cost?
Mortal Online will require a monthly fee similar to other MMOGs on the market. 14.25�(including VAT) for customers from the EU and 14.25$ (no VAT) for everybody else, plus the initial cost for the client (includes 1 free month).

Q: What is the PvP like in Mortal Online?
Mortal Online is not a game that is focused solely on Player vs. Player combat, but player conflict is an integral part of the game world. This means that Mortal Online is only played on PvP servers. Melee, magic and archery are all viable combat forms in both PvP and PvE. Combat in Mortal Online is real time and is primarily based on player skill. Character skills and equipment do have an impact on damage given and taken, but they don’t give an overwhelming advantage. A weaker, undergeared character still has a chance to survive so long as the player is able to think fast and use every advantage he finds.

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Q: Is there any PvE?
Yes, Nave is a vast world waiting to be explored. Besides the hunting of animals both common and exotic, explorers are bound to face savage monsters and strange tribes of hostile but intelligent non-human creatures. Never assume any treasure is left unprotected! As the game matures, one of a kind PvE events are planned. Players will encounter epic “world bosses” that, once defeated, will never respawn again. Each encounter will be unique and will require massive player cooperation. PvE encounters will shape the future of Nave.

Q: What is Star Vault?
Star Vault is a young, independent game development country in Sweden. We are a very small team of developers with years of experience in the MMOG genre and our common goal is to develop the games we want to play. We have chosen to be independent so that we have the opportunity to develop games without the boundaries of a large publisher.

Q: Is this game for the casual or hardcore gamer?
Because of its unusually complex systems, Mortal Online will probably be regarded as hardcore by many, but we hope that our sandbox style will appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers. MO will not require you to put in hundreds of hours of game play to contribute, be competitive, or to play with more experienced friends. With that said, Mortal Online is not a simple point and click game, so the required player skill may indeed be regarded as too hardcore for some.

Q: Is Mortal Online comparable to any other game out there?
It is never easy to compare our work to others. Our core team comes from the beta days of Ultima Online, and we are driven to build a game with the same freedom of spirit, but using today’s technology. Veteran gamers will notice that we pay homage to many of the old sandbox PvP games and we try very hard to incorporate many of the features that we have always seen as primary for the genre. In short, we find many of today’s MMOGs impressive and fun to play, but we feel that most of them are imbalanced, focusing primarily on cooperative PvE or PvP. This makes us even more determined to see our vision come true in Mortal Online.

Q: When will it be released?
Mortal Online is scheduled for release during April 2010. See Latest Announcement.

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Q: Will there be a beta release?
Yes, Mortal Online is currently in open beta.

Q: How long has Mortal Online been in development?
The concept for Mortal Online began in 2002, but the project began intense development in 2005.

Q: What is a Sandbox Game?
Most MMOGs are “theme park games”. They create a very carefully designed “park” and shuttle you through all the rides in a nice orderly fashion. They are usually very gear dependent and focus primarily on Player vs. Environment encounters with pre-determined gear upgrades given as prizes for completion of milestone events. The levels and gear dependency create a level of separation between characters that cannot be overcome by player skill. That same separation inhibits the social aspects of the MMOG because of the division between different play styles and experience levels. Theme park games also feature an “end game”, usually by imposing a level cap and/or events that become progressively more difficult until players eventually confront and defeat the “ultimate evil”. Sandbox games are the antithesis of theme park games. They are called “sandbox” because the developers essentially build a virtual sandbox, fill it with sand and provide the toys and tools that the players need to create whatever they desire. Story lines are open-ended and player driven. There are no levels, no pre-designed classes, and few (if any) quests. Gear and weapons are useful, but not a goal; player skill has a much higher impact on the outcome of both PvE and PvP confrontations. Because players can do and be whatever they wish, all play-styles are embraced and social interaction is highly developed. Players are intended to make their mark upon the world, usually via player owned housing, reliance upon player crafted items, a player-driven economy and the ability of players to deal out their own justice. Hardcore PvPers, die-hard crafters and PvE-centric players all co-exist and rely upon each other, creating an economic and social balance that is rarely seen in theme park games.

Q: What makes Mortal Online different?
Mortal Online is truly a game made by gamers, for gamers. We are trying to bring our favorite aspects of historically great games into Mortal Online. Our intent is not to simply create yet another MMOG, but to build a unique, complex, virtual world where players have a truly deep gaming experience. We want our players to live in and shape the world, not simply coast through it on guided tour.

Q: Mortal online is "full loot & FFA" - will it be full of griefers?
Nave is a brutal world where you can be attacked anywhere. There are however some zones in the world (towns, cities) that are guarded and therefore safer. The game utilizes a flagging system that sets a players flag according to his actions. If you are law abiding, you are flagged blue, as a murderer you are flagged red. If a "red" player enters a guarded city or if a crime is committed in a guarded zone, players can call the guards and justice will be served. Also killing a red player does not change your own flag. The games allows and needs both playstyles but sets certain bounds for grieving (guards, statloss)

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