Moonlight Blade Home System Feature Preview

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Do you feel tired of combating and doing quests all the time in the game world? Having a house is available in the upcoming expansion of Moonlight Blade Online. Besides having a rest at home, players can go fishing, take care of the flowers in the garden, drink tea on the table and do many more interesting things.


How to get a house in Moonlight Blade Online? In simple words, you need to purchase a land before building your own house, then gather materials and ask for help from your friends or NPC. After that you'll have your own house.

Land Selling

Players can find many homesteads are now under construction in current version. Till the scheduled date, they will be sold at auction. Most of the homesteads are located in the gorgeous places which can contain more than 10 houses, and a small part of homesteads are set at the special places, for example, houses on the mountain will be the most favorite for players love the seclusion.


The homesteads to be sold includes large, medium and small size which can contain courtyards, pavilions, rockery, fishpond, garden and etc.

Build the house

With the homestead, players now can find the professional craftsman to build the house. Choose the most preferred house style, then collect all the materials that the craftsman needs. Meanwhile, geomantic omen expert will come and point out where you need to improve.



Bedroom, dining-table, chair, scripts and paintings on the wall and even carpet on the ground can be chosen and matched at the own will. Apart from the general use, some special furniture can help a lot for level up. For example, if having a desk in the house, Wenshi & Yueling will no longer need to wait for the good weather to concentrate on writing; those who get a specially-made dresser can change the face easily while looking at the mirror. No matter which identity you are, you'll benefit from the specific furniture.


More features:

* The primitive house can be upgraded and expanded upon(ie, one storey to two-storey building, add gardens etc)
* NPCs can be hired as maid, manager, guard and etc for your convenience and pleasure
* Gather artifacts and others for decorations in your house.
* Store items in your house.
* Invite friends to your house for social activities.

The Home System has many other interesting contents for players to explore. Are you looking forward to it? Frankly, the whole system is a little bit like the real building business that is bored to me. If the system does not cost any money, I would like to try it out. What about you? Whether to get one house depends on your will. Is it worth a try? Share your opinion at here.


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