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World View

Chapter One

Blue Dragon Society in Moonlight Blade once was the most mysterious and the most powerful organization.

For decades, it became the root of blood and madness in all corners of the country. Blue Dragon Society is cruel and bloodthirsty in killing the innocents, so everybody in martial arts circle feels in danger.

Twenty years ago, the young Gongzi Yu (公子羽) in white holding a blade went to the headquarter of Blue Dragon Society, then he killed the leading characters and burned their houses. Depending his own strength, Gongzi Yu (公子羽) save the critical situation and ended the years of turmoil. Consequently, he was honoured as "The first person in martial arts circle".

It's said that Jianghu is always belonging to the strong. While Gongzi Yu(公子羽) was at the summit of his power, he chose to live in seclusion. Therefore, the title of "The first person in martial arts circle" turned to be an insurmountable legend. From then on, no eternal peace appear any more, and a larger trouble is approaching to all.


Chapter Two

Blue Dragon Society had not been a cruel and bloodthirsty organization.

Thirty years ago, under the lead of the legendary swordsman BaiYuJing (白玉京), with the join of many martial arts elites, Blue Dragon Society was going strong.

At that time there is a group of people living in the East China Sea. They are the descendants of Nai Shenlang (乃沈浪) and Wang Lianhua (王怜花). Relying on their peerless kungfu, they are outstanding in the jianghu, while they don't pay attention to the affairs in the society. But Shen Canghai (沈沧海), the present master of the East China Sea, had no choice but going out to save the faithful and upright descendants in Jail by himself. After that, the court got angry and assigned the Imperial Swordsman to hound down Shen Canghai (沈沧海). Soon, they followed Shen Canghai (沈沧海) and drove him to a place named "Yanyun" ("燕云").

in the face of dangers, Shen Canghai (沈沧海) sent out a signal to asking the help from BaiYuJing (白玉京) and the heroes in Blue Dragon Society. However, after this combat, the major heroes BaiYuJing (白玉京) and Shen Canghai (沈沧海) disappeared in Jianghu.

Without the leader, no one is in charge of Blue Dragon Society, and the heroes started to usurp the power. Before long, the whole organization turned to be an evil one.


Chapter Three

After the battle in "Yanyun" ("燕云"), BaiYuJing (白玉京) disappeared in Jianghu, Fang Long xiang(方龙香) seized all the powers, while the four dominating figures in Blue Dragon Society having different aspirations left this deteriorated organization.

BaiXiaosheng (百晓生) created the Chilling River City; Shangguan Jinghong (上官金虹) established Emperor State;
Zisang Bushou (子桑不寿) made Water Dragon Chant; Yang Yanyu (杨延玉) set up Wanli Desert. The four alliances shared the world together and restrict the power of Blue Dragon Society.

Several years later, the old leaders of the four alliances lived in seclusion successively, giving more chances for the promising young generation.

  • Qu Wuyi (曲无忆), whose personality is as cold as marble, is an outstanding resourceful hero;
  • Ye Zhiqiu (叶知秋) is overweeningly ambitious and is always in defiance of nature;
  • Tang Qingfeng (唐青枫) is natural and unrestrained, preferring free and easy things.
  • Li Yutang (离玉堂) with strong combat capability is good at strategizing.


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