Moonlight Blade Classes Preview

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Moonlight Blade features 8 different clans, although only 6 are officially announced now. According to the media, the maximum in-game sight view distance is at 2,300 meters, there are now 2,200 different types of plants designed, with 17 different environment designs.


Zhenwu (真武) is the new class introduced in this CBT. The skills of the class revolve around twin sword and taichi skill. His battle sytle combines both melee and ranged attacks, with high survibility and easy to play.


Beggar Gangs

Beggar gangs (丐帮) are good at melee with excellent control power. Beggar gangs could develop in 2 skill trees, they are "force" which controls the single damage and "skill" which controls group damage. If you unleash skills in "force" or "skill", you could be greatly improve in the two trees. When you reach the cap of the two trees, the effect of the skills will be improved.



Shenwei (神威) is a class which uses spear attack skills with combo from his bow as well. The bow can help exhausting the rival and draining the strength of the opponents. Compared to the bow, the flexible spear is the magic weapon to kill them from very close distance.



Taibai (太白) is a sword-yielding character. Taibai is good in close-ranged combat, with quick attack movement.  He can gain sword soul during the battle, and then consume it to deal great amounts of damage. Apart from sword, scabbard is also Taibai's deadly weapon in close-ranged combat, with quick attack movement.




Tangmen (唐门) is a range attack class and unleash attack via controlling themselves and their puppet. The control of Tangmen is a little difficult, but they could confront any problem with their flexible position and puppet.
Tangmen's puppet skill will cost ingeniousness which requests CD time to recover. Players should make full use of ingeniousness reasonably to keep Tangmen's dynamic and export ability in battle.




Tianxiang (天香) has multiple skills. She can use sword to have close fight with the enemies meanwhile she can also use umbrella to deal AOE damages to long-distance enemies. At the same time, Tianxiang also has healing ability to offer help to her team members. She is indeed a versatile character in the game.


Five Venoms

Five Venoms (五毒) with an evil look is the seventh class to be released in Moonlight Blade. It is an assassin type class that has stealth features. Born in a place where is full of snake, insect and beasts, this class is said to be good at using poison and dual blade. Five Venoms will arrive in Moonlight Blade during the Open Beta in China in July.

Feature: Poison, Assassin





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