Moonlight Blade Feature Preview

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Chinese martial art MMORPG Moonlight Blade was revealed at Tencent Game Carnival 2012. Developed in-house by the biggest Chinese game company, Tencent, the game features 8 different clans, along with the splendid graphic, real action battle and unique gameplays.


Moonlight Blade features the real scene graphic in the game, you can not only visit the famous places in China, but also experience the rain and sun, day and night in this game. You will enter the fantasy world with absorbing storyline and vivid characters.

Besides the common customization on hair-style and body, Moonlight Blade has focused on change in face. Having done great deal of studies on biology, medical science and anatomy, the dev. team set up over 200 adjustable parameters for 48 facial bones according to the natural muscle distribution on face.


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Kongfu is one of the core action combat modes in China, Moonlight Blade adopts the famous The Yuan Action and massive citta-dharmas which allow you to experience the smooth real combat and fighting stretegies.


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Identity System can be taken as a secondary or third class that requires the player to dress in a different costume and become a new member in another faction, and without doubt, a different identity will have different skills. There are different identities to choose from in Moonlight Blade, every character can choose at most three different identities. 

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As a member of Jianghu, you are going to choose your real faith with your guild.


Housing System and Sworn Brother System will appear in the non-wipe test which will help increasing the interaction among players. 


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