Mission Against Terror Weapons

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MP5 (Submachine Gun)

The MP5 is the big brother of the MP7, packing a slightly stronger punch in favour of a smaller clip and a heavier gun.

G36 (Assault Rifle)

German by design, the G36 is gas operated that first went into service in 1997. This modern marvel excels at mid-range combat.

M24 (Sniper Rifle)

The M24 is a lighter sniper rifle, lacking the power of the AWP but gaining mobility. The M24 is also fairly accurate when fired without looking in the scope.

M3 (Shotgun)

The M3 is a pump-action shotgun, requiring a pump to load the next set of shells into the chamber. It is lethal in close range but lacks accuracy anywhere else because of the spread of each shot.

AK47 (Assault Rifle)

The AK47 is cost effective and reliable. It has a high damage output but it’s recoil is off-the-charts, requiring controlled bursts to get the most out of it.

M4A1 (Assault Rifle)

The iconic American made rifle has seen countless battles and is the signature weapon of America’s military. Its performance is well rounded and is suited for most combat situations.

XM1014 (Shotgun)

The XM1014 is a semi-automatic shotgun as opposed to the M3 which is a pump-action shotgun. This shotgun is able to fire shells continuously until it runs out and needs to reload which makes it fearsome weapon at close range. Like the M3, anything outside of close range will greatly reduce it’s effectiveness.

AWP (Sniper Rifle)

A sniper rifle with a deadly reputation. The AWP is an extremely heavy weapon but is an extremely accurate and deadly weapon in the hands of an expert marksman. Because this is a bolt-action sniper rifle, each shot requires the ejection of the shell casing manually before the next shot can be fired.

MP7 (Submachine Gun)

With its low recoil, quick shot speed and large clip, the MP7 is the perfect weapon to have for kamikaze rushes into enemy territory. It’s a fairly light weapon, allowing its user to have greater mobility than most primary weapons.

AUG_A2 (Assault Rifle)

The A2 model of the AUG features a redesigned charging handle and a detachable telescopic sight. The AUG is a bullpup by design, meaning the action and the magazine are located behind the trigger which eliminates the need for a stock and results in a smaller weapon overall.

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