Mission Against Terror Modes

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Bomb Match

Mission Against Terror Bomb Match

Red team's mission is to eliminate the target, and Blue team has to defend it. Victory is achieved when a mission is completed, or either camp is eliminated. Players cannot respawn.

Death Match

Mission Against Terror Death Match

Players compete individually, and will be ranked based on their number of kills within a time limit. Players can respawn.

Mummy Mode

Mission Against Terror Death Match

Players can experience the horrors of life and death: friends who fight with you side by side suddenly defeated by the mummy, and have been infected by the virus and become the new Mummy. In front of Mummy who has strong physical and infectious power, you may feel your whole body fatigue, your hands that hold gun are slightly trembling..... Will you become the only one who can save this world?

Ghost Mode

Mission Against Terror Death Match

The mission of Red team is to explode the target, while Blue team is to prevent station from being blasted. The winner goes to the team which has got the mission accomplished. Players from both teams could not do recovery. Red team can make themselves become invisible, but can only use near-distance weapon.

Team Death Match

Mission Against Terror Death Match

Achieve the maximum number of kills within the time limit. If neither side achieves the targeted kill count within the time limit, the camp with the most number of kills wins. A draw is declared if both sides have an identical kill count. Players can respawn.

Terminator Mode

Mission Against Terror Death Match

A team of friendly robots, dubbed 'Terminators', must infiltrate and survive a mummy nest. Mummies in this mode have varying abilities like super speed, vampirism, super strength, and snaring abilities. The Terminators must work together and ration out ammo and health pickups to survive until the timer runs out. The mummies can respawn infinitely while the Terminators can revive each other if they are not under attack (intermission happens at 1:30 every round where Terminators can catch a break and suit up for the next wave).

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