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Mirror War: Reincarnation of Holiness - A Shooter RPG

Based on Mirror War series that have swept the globe for 10 years, L&K Logic Korea's Mirror War: Reincarnation of Holiness can be considered as an exotic product in the market thanks to its innovative game mode mixing shooting with RPG elements.Through shooting, players can wintrophies while hunting around. Featuring high-quality graphics on low-end computers, easy controls and reminiscent content, this game has become the focus of South Korean players' attention.

Mirror War: Reincarnation of Holiness Latest Trailer

Additionally, Acheron centering on controls is flaunted to be a strategic MMORPG and features large-scale 1 vs. 1 PVPs and fast combats. In the game, players will be free to choose from the three factions(liberation army, dark mage and evil shire) and multiple classes as well as enjoy a variety of elaborately designed game modes, like solving puzzles, etc. It is going to launch 3rd CBT on Dec. 14 and has become a new star among MMORPGs of the same type.


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3rd CBT

South Korea-based L&K announced that it will conduct the third closed beta best for its new-concept action shooter RPG Mirror War: Reincarnation of Holiness.

The 3rd CBT will be focused on Black Magic force, the third force in the original novel Mirror War. Different from the liberation army faction which was unveiled in the 2nd CBT, Dark Magic force will show gamers a different world in Mirror War: Divine Revision.

Not only new classes from Black Magic faction will be added in the 3rd CBT, but also the skill effects for the classes released previously will be greatly enhanced in this upcoming test, in which gamers can choose from four classes, namely Mage, Warrior, Sorcerer and Sorceress, and characters in the 3rd CBT will cap at level 20.

Kim Yong Sik from L&K's Marketing Operation Department indicated that the 3rd CBT will feature more interesting content and compelling story and will allow gamers to experience brand-new PvP elements.

Test Period: Wed, 12/14/2011 - Sun, 18/12/2011
Test time: 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Download Page: http://www.mirrorwar.co.kr/download/Down_Information.aspx.

To learn more about Mirror War: Reincarnation of Holiness's 3rd CBT, please visit official website!

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