Monster Forest Skill Card

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Skill Card

Skill Card Introduction

In Monster Forest, you can equip your pet with pet skills by equipping them with skill cards. A pet is required to meet certain requirements before it can be equipped with a skill card. (Eg: Level requirements, Species-specific). Players may also choose to trade these skill cards.

Players can view the skill cards belonging to each pet by browsing through the individual pet's card album. Different combinations of skill cards can result in dissimilar effects during battle. Every card comes with an Equipping Cost, with the total cost of the cards equipped on a pet limited to 10.

Cards Variety

Skill Card Type Skill Card Image Skill Card Type Skill Card Image
None Elemental Nature
Fire Electric
Water Shadow
Earth Wind

Card Setup

In Monster Forest, players can use skill cards to "equip" their pets by right clicking to place the skill card into the pet's card list. Once a card is equipped onto the pet, only that pet can use that card and it will not appear in another pet's card list.

In order to equip other pets with the same skill, you will need to collect the same skill card again (By Trading/Card creation/Quest reward). In battle, pet's skills in battle largely depend on the cards equipped in the pet's card list. After every battle, players can change the equipped cards at the Card Setup page to suit different battle scenarios.

Card Cost

Every card has its equipping Cost displayed in the card description. Players can equip a pet with any card combination, as long as it does not exceed the total Equipping Cost of 10.

Warm Up and Cool Down Duration

Warm up
Some skill cards will only activate after several rounds of battle. This is the "Warm Up duration". Generally, the more powerful the skill cards are, the longer the Warm Up durations will be. While waiting for the card to "Warm Up", player can still carry on the fight with normal attacks and other skill cards.

Cool Down
Some skill cards will de-activate after use and will not re-activate for a few rounds. This is the "Cool Down duration". Usually, the more powerful skill cards are, the longer the Cool Down durations. While waiting for the card to "Cool down", player can still carry on the fight with normal attacks and other skill cards.

All players should take the duration of Warm Ups and Cool Downs into consideration when planning their fighting tactics.

Skill Side Effects

Some skill cards will reduce the resistances of your pet after use. This is the "Side Effects" aspect of cards. It is important to use the appropriate skill cards when fighting against different enemies. Equipping the wrong skill cards could result in causing harm to your pet.

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