Monster Forest Pets: Introduction

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Introduction on Pets

There are many species of living creatures on the continent of Eran. As time goes by, some of the species started to develop intelligence on par with humans and begin developing their own civilization. Some even went on to create their own nations. There are also those that chose to remain in their natural habitats, while evolving into more advanced forms. Apart from their unique appearances, some also possess supernatural powers and other special abilities.

Humans that first came to Eran began to train these animals to make up for their shortcomings and to aid them in their daily lives. As time goes by, these pets became an integral part of the civilization.

In Monster Forest, pets play a very important role as both partners on the players' adventures and representatives in battles. They are also good helpers in the management of the Miniland.

Pets belong to one of the 8 main species, each species having its own unique natural talents and attributes that affect the pets' performance, as well as their evolution path.

  1. 1. Beasts
  2. 2. Insects
  3. 3. Aquatics
  4. 4. Plants
  5. 5. Dragons
  6. 6. Humans
  7. 7. Demons
  8. 8. Robots

Players can have many pets to make use of the unique ability of each pet to accomplish different tasks.

Pet Interface

No. Label Description
1 Name Name of your pet
2 Change Name Button Click this button to change the name of your pet. (Free one-time usage)
3 Level Level of your pet
4 Gender Gender of your pet
5 Inherit Species group that your pet belongs to
6 ID No. ID number of your pet
7 Species Species of your pet
8 Consume Your pet's dietary habits. There are 3 different types of diets – Vegetable, Meat and Cuisine
9 Element Element of your pet
10 Fullness Click to feed your pet when it is hungry. Feeding your pet will increase its growth point that is essential for evolution and breeding.
11 Health When your pet is kept in the dormitory for too long, its health will decrease. Once it reaches zero, your pet's growth point will not increase even if it is kept in the dormitory. The only way to recover health is by taking your pet out of the dormitory.
12 EXP Current experience and required experience for the next level
13 Crit Critical hit rate of your pet
14 Atk There are 2 base elements. Each of them then splits into 4 sub-elements: Light = Nature, Electric, Fire, Water Darkness = Shadow, Psychic, Earth, Wind Depending on the Element of your pet and the skills used, deal damage based on either one of the two base elements.
15 Def Similar to Atk, damage you received is based on either one of the two base elements. Your Light defense will reduce the damage received from Light based attacks. The same goes for Darkness based attacks.
16 HP Health points of your pet. Once it reaches zero in battle, your pet will be defeated, causing you to lose the battle.
17 SP Spell points of your pet. You need to have sufficient SP in order to use skill cards in battle.
18 PP Priority points of your pet. Higher values will allow you to use more fast casting skills.
19 Resistance Affects the amount of damage you receive from the respective elements. This value works in conjunction with Defense.
20 Equip Slots Wearable equipments for your pet

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