Monster Forest Miniland

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Miniland Introduction

In Monster Forest, you and your pet will have a Miniland to call home. Similar to a real home, you can customise and decorate your own Miniland according to your preferences.

However, Minilands are not only for decorative purposes, they also provide you with the means to manage your career in Monster Forest. There are options to allow you to grow and manage crops that can bring in profits. You can then channel these profits to open your own business (e.g. shops and restaurants) to create more revenue.

Hence, Miniland development is a very important aspect of the game. Through the unique Miniland system, you are able to experience the fun of developing and managing resources that will help you in your adventures in Eran.

Miniland Passport

In Monster Forest, when setting up your own Miniland, there are various towns in different countries for you to choose from. To set up your Miniland in your town of choice, you will have to obtain a Mainland Passport for the particular town first. The process will usually involve some Miniland related quests whereby you will be rewarded with the Miniland passport after you complete the quests.

Decorate Miniland

After acquiring your own Miniland, one of the things that need to be done is to decorate it. Through the course of your adventure and various quests in Eran, you will obtain Miniland items. These items can be used in your Miniland by right-clicking the item in your inventory and placing it in a selected location. You can also use the mouse scroll to rotate the item so that it faces the direction that you desire. Should you change your mind about the position of an item, you can always change it by selecting the item and click on [Keep Facility].

By beautifying your Miniland, you will attract more visitors, which will in turn, increase your Miniland's popularity.

Upgrading Miniland

As your Miniland expands and develops, it will accumulate Popularity and Prestige points. Once these points reached a certain amount, your Miniland's level will increase. Minilands if higher level will receive better returns as compared to lower level Minilands.

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