Monster Forest Key Organization & Maps

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Key Organization & Maps

Farmers Town Underground Army

In the year 749 of the Eran Calendar, the Black Crystal Energy Leakage left inhabitants near the tower with no choice but migration far away from their homeland. They headed southeastward and eventually settled down in a town named Farmers Town.

The townsman appealed to Haye Nation to cease operations of the Black Crystal Tower, but it was all in vain. To prevent history from repeating itself, they nominated Carlman of the Riemann Family as leader of the Underground Army to oppose the Government's continued usage of the Black Crystal.

Those victims who lost their homes in the Black Crystal Leakage, together with citizens of the weaker villages and towns oppressed by the Haye Nation were none too pleased with the Government's selfish behaviors. Hence, they expressed their support for Carlman and the Undergound Army. Despite lacking in natural resources, Farmers Town's ideals and beliefs attracted many followers, many of whom either enlisted in the Underground Army or helped with the development of the town.

The Donkey, Sheep and Seal races make up the majority of the population. Their cheerful and hardworking character has become integral to making Farmers Town become a self-sustainable town in their continuing fight against the Government.

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