Monster Forest: User Interface & Control

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User Interface & Control

Location and Weather

Here is where you select the game channel to go to, check your coordinates in the Map that you are in and the weather at that point in time.


This contains the level of Pets and Character that each player has achieved so far.


Once clicked, the 2 bars Red and Blue indicates how much Automated HP and SP you have left. Please be reminded that you are not able to heal during but only after each battle.

Bonus Point

This shows the percentage of Experience points that you are gaining from each monster and the time left of the bonus. It also shows the current item drop rate in the server.

Riding Mount

This is where you can select which mount you wish to ride on provided you have attained any. You will also be able to feed your mounts here.

Sale "Cash Shop"

This is where you will be able to use your Moncash or Monpoints to purchase various decorative items for your character and other functional items.

Card Album

This album consist of all the cards that you may come across in your adventures. The slots will only open up if you have the cards equipped on your pets.

Pet Album

This album consist of all the pets that you may come across in your adventures. It also indicates how you may attain them. To unlock the slots, you need to place the pet into the pet warehouse.

Stock Market

This unique feature allows players to exchange Monster Forest's in-game currency, Shells for Moncash and vice versa with one another.

Events Calendar

You may check what events are available in the game and at what time slots. We will release more events as time goes by. These are not GM Events!


In this tab, you will be able to check what is the date and time of the server. In addition, it also states the current season that you are experiencing. The season mainly affects your farming activities.

Farm Level

It indicates the current level of your farm.

Game Notice

Once clicked, you will be able to see various notices that the Monster Forest Team has put up. So do click on them often to check for any updates.

Return to town

If you are inside your Farm/Miniland, clicking on this button will return you to the town you were in previously.

World Map

Clicking on this button will bring up the interface of the entire world in Monster Forest. From there, you may travel from town to town by clicking on your desired destination. But do note that you may only travel between neighbouring towns.

Popularity and Prestige

You will be able to check the current experience points your farm has at the moment and how much more is needed for it to level up. It also shows how popular your farm is with NPCs. The higher the popularity of your farm, the more NPCs will visit it.

Guild Region

This icon will only appear in Ammonite Port where all headquarters of guilds reside. Clicking on the button will bring you to your guild's headquarters.

Open Shop

This button will bring you to the market place whereby you will be able to set up stalls to sell the spoils of your battles.

My Achievements

Throughout your journey with your pets, you would have achieve various missions that the game has set for you. This tab will show the total number of achievement points that you have accumulated so far. It could be a point that players can boast about.

Card Refinery

This is where you can upgrade your skill cards. However, this button has been removed due to critical bugs that we were unable to fix. As such, to upgrade your skill cards, simply right click on them and select "Refine" if you have equipped them.

Pet Icon

You will be able to see the gender, level of your pet and the name of your pet here. It also shows the status of your pets, whether it is activated or resting. You may also access your pet's inventory by clicking on the bag.


By using this feature that requires Moncash, you will be able to shout out to the entire server on what you wish to convey.

Chat Screen

This is where you can communicate with your fellows players and friends. The various chat available allows you to chat with the particular group or person you wish your message to be seen.


This is your Character's interface. Once clicked, you will be able to see your character's level and wardrobe.


This is your pet's interface. You will be able to check on various information about your pets. You will also be able to equip items to your pets from here. Most importantly, this is where you will find information about evolving your pets!

Skill Cards

This tab shows you all the skill cards that you have equipped on each of your pets. You may further select which skill cards to use or not to be used here.

Form Party

Here is how you may form/join/auto join a party. You may also select which place you wish to travel to using this button.


One of the most important buttons in this game. It shows all the current/available/daily quests that you may undertake. It is an essential part of the game to level up your pet.

Total Assets

Clicking on this button will show how much Moncash and Monpoints you have in balance in this particular character. It also shows you how much guild contribution points you have accumulated so far.


This is your character's inventory. You will be able to find the spoils of your battles here and you can also store any excess baggage here.

Option Tabs

At this bottom right corner, you will find various tabs that allows you to view certain information. Map will be using for traveling around in a certain town by clicking on the icons in it. Miniland will allow you to view other players' miniland level. Guild will allow you to see your guild members and other information related to guild. Social will allow you to see check whether your buddies are online or offline and also to send private messages to them. Last but not least, System allows you to configure the game settings in the way that you like.

Reward Box

This reward box icon may appear from time to time depending from our events. You may receive various rewards by clicking on it. A surprise may just be installed for you!

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